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InSync Video Series #2: If it ain’t broke, fix it anyway!

The appointment-based model (ABM) is improving the way many pharmacists work and enhancing the relationship they have with patients. Read More


SynMed® leads blister pack automationSynMed video screenshot 1

Proudly Canadian, Synergy Medical designs, manufactures and supports SynMed®. SynMed® is an automated dispensing system for solid oral medications in both single dose and multimed blister packs, a solution that guarantees Flexibility, Accuracy & Efficiency. Watch our video.


Learn the ABCs of Pharmacy Finance

Recent changes in government legislation have continued to place Canada’s pharmacy owners under further financial pressures, and the need for solutions that address these pressures is at an all-time high. Read more


5 tips to work as part of a healthcare team

Tommy Cheung, a pharmacist and entrepreneur based in Aurora, Ont., is leading the way in healthcare delivery. Read more


Use med reviews to build trust and prevent adherence issues

We spoke with Denis M. Roy, senior director of professional affairs with Pharmaprix/Shoppers Drug Mart in Montreal, about customer loyalty and adherence, the importance of both, and the building blocks of patient health outcomes in a successful pharmacy. Read more

Gerry Spitzner

Putting “purpose” front and centre in pharmacy planning

By purpose I don’t mean making money; that’s just a result of a well-run retail Read more

Phil Emberley

Pharmacists are steering patients to addiction recovery

I have often been asked what led me to leave my position working for a national pharmacy association to once again work on the pharmacy frontlines. Read more
Pharmacists play an important role in patients’ mental health

Learn how Medicine Shoppe pharmacist Hugh Toner works with his patients.

Read more


Patients = family? How to treat your patients as more than just customers

In more than 30 years as a pharmacist, Mark Gayowski has maintained one guiding principle regardless of how much or how quickly the industry of pharmacy changes – always treat your patients like family. Read more

Marc Pourrier

The 3 top strategies to combat patients’ drug anxiety

Fear of unforeseen side effects, distrust of pharmaceutical companies, nervousness over changing treatment plans – there are many reasons patients get anxious over being prescribed a new medication. Read more

Mark Reder4

Pharmacists can be effective advocates for change at the highest level

Community pharmacists are often hesitant to engage in advocacy. They think it is not their role or their area of expertise. They need to think again. Read more
Tips illo

Physicians can be your greatest collaborators

Clinical practice guidelines and regulatory colleges both recommend interprofessional collaboration. But, even knowing this collaboration can enhance patient care, many pharmacists struggle with enhancing relationships with physicians in their community. Read more


5 steps to strengthen relationships with your patients

Professional programs targeting specific disease states are not unique in the pharmacy industry. However, few programs seem to stick long-term and produce significant, ongoing patient engagement and investment. Read more

Jim Danahy photo 2018

What’s the secret sauce of high adherence pharmacies?

CARE is always the starting point, is greater than [ > ], and leads to, COMMERCE. The order can never be reversed. Read more

Rachelle Rocha

Watch a unique pharmacy-food concept take shape

Rachelle Rocha is not your average healthcare professional. Read more