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InSync Video Series #7: Debunking myths about med sync and ABM

The appointment-based model (ABM) is improving the way many pharmacists work and enhancing the relationship they have with patients. Read More


The new topicals – So much more than pain & pediatrics in the age of polypharmacyLivRelief

Answers to key questions on why, when, and how to recommend sophisticated new OTC and compounded topicals for an ever-growing list of indications. 

Introducing Pharmacy Finance

Recent changes in government legislation have continued to place Canada’s pharmacy owners under further financial pressures, and the need for solutions that address these pressures is at an all-time high. Read more


3 top tips to save time, and your sanity, with technology

Let's face it, pharmacists are time-crunched. Not a day goes by in my practice where I don’t wish for more time to complete the ever growing pile of work in front of me. Read more


Medical cannabis – How do I convert my dried cannabis daily dose to oils?

The best way pharmacists can do better at maxing the opportunity of talking to their patients about medical cannabis is having the knowledge to address the most common questions patients may have. Hence have access and quick responses on how to address patients' questions. Read more


Weight management for your patients with diabetes

Since some 80-90% of people with type 2 diabetes are overweight or obese, it’s important to understand which pharmacotherapies exist for weight management. Read more


Meal replacement products and Type 2 diabetes

The 2013 Canadian Diabetes Association’s Clinical Practice Guidelines included the use of meal replacement products for the first time. Now they are seen as a possible useful weight management tool. Read more
Cape Breton pharmacist Hugh Toner is a mental health champion

Hugh has had a long journey as a pharmacist in Atlantic Canada. With 30 years of experience, he has taken care of many patients, in a variety of pharmacy settings.

Read more

Gerry Spitzner

Retail pharmacy’s street fight in an online age

We’ve seen remarkable change in our lifetimes, but what we’re experiencing now is different. It’s not just evolutionary change; it’s transformative change that requires us to alter our patterns of behaviour and learn new skills. Read more


Changing the landscape of LTC pharmacy

With the improved homecare supports available in Ontario, seniors are much older than they used to be when finally moving to long-term care facilities, and they are often transferred directly from acute-care facilities, after a crisis incident such as a fall, or rapid decline in cognition. Read more

5 tips for encouraging children to take their medication

Caregivers often report difficulty administering medications to children. Up to one-quarter of children may refuse Read more

Inflation and your pharmacy business

Pharmacists are not just healthcare providers. Many are also investors. As investors, you need to understand the effects of inflation on your investment portfolio. Here’s an introduction to the world of nominal and real investment rates. Read more


Big data for the small pharmacy

Over the last few years we have seen an explosion of the want and need for “Big Data”. Read more


Life insurance – an important estate planning tool

Estate planning ensures that an individual’s or family’s assets are distributed according to their wishes after death. Read more


5 retail operations tech trends you need to keep an eye on

While many pharmacists only encounter or look for trends once a year, it's clear that trends don't begin or end at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve. Read more