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Federated Co-op pharmacy uses ScriptPro SP 200 robotic dispensing system

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The quiet, reliable and efficient ScriptPro SP 200 robotic dispensing system has allowed Garth Walls to keep up with rising prescription volumes while freeing up staff to spend more time with patients.  Read more

The power of partnerships. Helping the profession come together in a time of change

These are historic – and rapidly evolving – times for the pharmacy profession. … Read more


NEWS FLASH: Loblaw Companies Ltd. / Shoppers Drug Mart rejoins Neighbourhood Pharmacy Association of Canada

Loblaw Companies Ltd. / Shoppers Drug Mart has made the decision to rejoin the Neighbourhood Pharmacy Association of Canada under its new leadership, and in time to participate in this year’s Executive Summit. Read more


The strategic use of life insurance for your business succession planning

Estate planning ensures that an individual’s or family’s assets are distributed according to their wishes after death. Life insurance is often used as a solution to problems and needs identified in the estate planning process. Read more

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5 top ways to get your patients to step up for a flu shot

Ever get tired of hearing people say they don’t want the flu shot because it made them sick? Read more


How injection “FIT” are your patients with diabetes?

One of the best ways for you to help your patients with diabetes who are using injectable medications is to review their technique periodically to ensure they are getting the best outcome possible. Read more

Most popular CEs

Pharmacist-consultant Karen Riley from Sarnia, Ont. has always had a passion for improving her knowledge.
Read more


Building the NEW pharmacy

You likely heard of the saying: “Can’t see the forest for the trees”. It relates well to pharmacy’s plight to find its new value proposition. Read more


News: Neighbourhood Pharmacies members give their best shot for flu season

Over the past four years, the increased use of neighbourhood pharmacies as the location of choice for seasonal influenza vaccinations has demonstrated to governments and the Canadian public that pharmacies play an important and growing role in providing influenza vaccinations Read more


Pharmacist Monique Lavoie’s 5 top tips to hone your injection skills

Monique Lavoie from Shoppers Drug Mart in Peace River, Alberta, isn't your typical pharmacist. Monique Lavoie from Shoppers Drug Mart in Peace River, Alberta, isn't your typical pharmacist. Read more
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UBC’s David Cai boosts his pharmacy education for better patient outcomes

During my three years at UBC, I’ve been involved in various clubs, groups, and pharmacy organizations, including being a student ambassador for the BC Pharmacy Association (BCPhA). Read more


Westport Village pharmacist Tracey Phillips expands injection services one patient at a time

Over the past 26 years, Tracey Phillips, owner of Westport Village Pharmacy in Westport, Ont., has approached her roles in the pharmacy world with enthusiasm and positivity. Read more


Recharging the batteries @ Pharmacy U

David Ferguson, 54, jokingly tells people he’s been practising pharmacy for almost 55 years. Read more


Bonnyville Pharmasave is happy to be of service

Thanks in large part to a major transformation of their business, Bonnyville Pharmasave owners Mandy and Peter Jr. Davey are holding their own quite nicely in the face of an Alberta economy that has been wracked by the recent decline in oil prices. Read more