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InSync Video Series #2: If it ain’t broke, fix it anyway!

The appointment-based model (ABM) is improving the way many pharmacists work and enhancing the relationship they have with patients. Read More


The new topicals – So much more than pain & pediatrics in the age of polypharmacyLivRelief

Answers to key questions on why, when, and how to recommend sophisticated new OTC and compounded topicals for an ever-growing list of indications. 

Introducing Pharmacy Finance

Recent changes in government legislation have continued to place Canada’s pharmacy owners under further financial pressures, and the need for solutions that address these pressures is at an all-time high. Read more


Leaders in Pharmacy 2019: Dayle Acorn

The Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy, a registered charity, has a singular mission: to advance the profession of pharmacy. Read more


Leaders in Pharmacy 2019: Justin Bates

The Neighbourhood Pharmacy Association of Canada champions pharmacy for the delivery of high-value, quality health care to Canadians. Read more


Leaders in Pharmacy 2019: Allison Bodnar

For CEO Allison Bodnar, the role of PANS is to advance the practice of pharmacy and ensure its sustainability for the benefit of patients as well as for the pharmacists and pharmacy technicians with whom she proudly works every day. Read more


Leaders in Pharmacy 2019: Ashesh Desai

Ashesh Desai has been with Shoppers Drug Mart since 2001. In his current role as executive vice president of pharmacy, he oversees the pharmacy and healthcare businesses for Loblaw Companies Limited (LCL) and Shoppers Drug Mart (SDM) across Canada. This includes close to 2,000 retail pharmacies in both SDM and LCL, as well as Medisystem, long-term care pharmacies, home healthcare stores and Wellwise stores. Read more
Cape Breton pharmacist Hugh Toner is a mental health champion

Hugh has had a long journey as a pharmacist in Atlantic Canada. With 30 years of experience, he has taken care of many patients, in a variety of pharmacy settings.

Read more


Special care for senior patients

There is a new demographic reality that will have a direct and dramatic effect on pharmacists: Canada’s aging population. Read more


Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. Cognitive decline – what’s the pharmacist’s role?

With dementia affecting more than half a million Canadians, many of us have seen its impact firsthand in a parent, a relative or a friend. I definitely have – and wrote recently about my experience. Read more


Pregnancy and diabetes. Help your patients manage changes.

It’s not the ‘chicken or the egg’ dilemma but two very different situations. Gestational diabetes, which occurs in 3-20 per cent of pregnant women, is a type of diabetes that develops during pregnancy. Read more

RRSPs or TFSAs? What’s the best option for pharmacists?

The RRSP deadline looms the end of February, so it's time to make some decisions about your tax-free savings options. Read more


Walsh’s Pharmacy focuses on home healthcare

For more than 60 years, the Walsh family have worked diligently to bring healthcare closer to their patients, both inside and outside the doors of Walsh’s Pharmacy IDA in Arthur, a rural farming community located approximately 50 kilometres north of Kitchener, Ontario. Read more


3 top tips to save time, and your sanity, with technology

Let's face it, pharmacists are time-crunched. Not a day goes by in my practice where I don’t wish for more time to complete the ever growing pile of work in front of me. Read more


The 5 best strategies to optimize your med reviews in 2019

An effective medication review means listening to our patients first. Partner content Read more