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PB-March-2014-Issues Pharmacy Business is the trusted business resource for the pharmacy community. Read more

Derek Tweel’s strategies to prevent workplace violence

Every pharmacy – whether a small independent or large chain outlet – should have a violence-in-the-workplace policy to safeguard employees... Read more


Diabetes and your prescription for exercise

As pharmacists we are not trained in the area of exercise physiology or personal training, yet we are on the front lines to face questions from people living with diabetes about the appropriate amount and type of exercise for managing diabetes. Read more


Enhanced Care Clinics offer a new vision for healthcare

Tommy Cheung, a pharmacist and entrepreneur based in Aurora, Ont., is leading the way in healthcare delivery. Seeing a need for enhanced care integration at a community level... Read more

Most Popular CEs

The expanding scope of practice is challenging pharmacists to broaden the array of professional services they provide.


Take your immunization practice to the next level with travel

International travel is increasing in popularity among Canadians. There are millions of trips each year to international destinations... Partner content Read more


Resistance to change: Understand it. Prevent it. Bust it.

Why is change so difficult? Why are so many pharmacists still struggling with the idea of expanding their professional role? What’s coming in the way? Why is it so challenging to get staff to effect the change you want? Read more


The first law of the healthcare business

CARE is always the starting point, is greater than [ > ], and leads to, COMMERCE. The order can never be reversed. Read more

Brenda Adams’ 7 top strategies for succeeding as an independent

In little more than a decade, in a market dominated by larger chains, we’ve been able to build our independent pharmacy, Janzen’s, into a success... Read more


Igor Shaskin’s passion for home healthcare

When he launched his career as a pharmacist in the mid-‘80s, Igor Shaskin never imagined a significant part of his work would involve care of post surgical wounds, fitting customers with compression stockings and dealing with incontinence and sports related injuries. Read more


Meet Nazlin Khamis’s holistic compounding pharmacy

Nazlin Khamis’s transformation of Chilliwack Pharmasave from a traditional community pharmacy into a speciality compounding, natural and home health destination has evolved over 27 years and a series of four renovations and reorganizations. Read more

011_Packman_PB May 2014_Change Makers

Changing pharmacy culture one patient at a time

In the few short years since I graduated from the University of Toronto I have seen a great shift in the profession of pharmacy. Read more