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InSync Video Series #7: Debunking myths about med sync and ABM

The appointment-based model (ABM) is improving the way many pharmacists work and enhancing the relationship they have with patients. Read More

Putting patient care front and centre

“I want to be on your team.”

At Pharmacy U, comedian and actor Robert Hawke, himself a patient, speaks with a pharmacist who put one of his patients front and centre — with dramatic results.

SynMed® Assist: Your gateway to blister pack automation


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Watch how SynMed® Assist can be used as a stand alone technology for more accurate and efficient manual production of blister packs.


Leaders in Pharmacy: Erin MacKenzie – Pharmacists: the go-to professionals

As the head of the Island’s professional advocacy organization, Erin MacKenzie serves as spokesperson for pharmacists in the province. She works closely with government to advance an expanded role of pharmacists in the healthcare system. Read more


Leaders in Pharmacy: Ross Tsuyuki – Building evidence of pharmacy’s value

When he was offered a position as a professor at the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Medicine, Ross Tsuyuki thought it sounded both different and interesting. “I was not sure anyone had done this before,” he says. “I signed up for three years. That was 21 years ago.” Read more


Leaders in Pharmacy: Benoit Morin – Helping patients navigate the healthcare system

Morin Pharmacy serves a large and diverse community of patients. In addition to a pharmacy with a small frontshop, owner Benoit Morin operates three labs, including one for IV products. Read more


Leaders in Pharmacy: Derek Desrosiers – Time to break free from stereotypes

Although Derek Desrosiers jokingly describes his role at the BCPhA as “chief cook and bottle washer,” he primarily helps members with professional practice and business management issues. Read more
Cape Breton pharmacist Hugh Toner is a mental health champion

Hugh has had a long journey as a pharmacist in Atlantic Canada. With 30 years of experience, he has taken care of many patients, in a variety of pharmacy settings.

Read more


The 5 best strategies to optimize your medication reviews

An effective medication review means listening to our patients first. What are their concerns? If they are not taking their medications as prescribed because they don’t believe in them, are afraid of them, can’t remember, can’t swallow, can’t afford to buy them, don’t understand the reason and importance for use, then we must address these issues first. Read more


Watch: Does your business plan need some spring cleaning?

Pharmacy owners and aspiring pharmacy owners require a business plan to purchase or expand their businesses or simply to get started. Read more


Karl Frank of Bayshore Specialty Rx is the new vice chair of Neighbourhood Pharmacies

The Neighbourhood Pharmacy Association of Canada (Neighbourhood Pharmacies) is pleased to announce the appointment of Karl Frank, Divisional Director, Bayshore Specialty Rx, as the new Vice Chair of the Association. Read more

Help! I’ve been robbed. Now what? 5 tips for reducing the risk of pharmacy robberies

Patient safety is always at the forefront of every patient care decision. But what about the safety of those who care for the patients? What about community pharmacy safety? Read more

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Omar Alasaly’s 5 top tips to get customers to buy into services

It’s not unusual for customers at Omar Alasaly’s Victoria, B.C. pharmacy to make an about face at the frontshop cash and beeline it to the dispensary for a flu shot or a medication review. Read more


5 big lessons I learned from my patients

When I left pharmacy school over 20 years ago, I thought I had attained all the knowledge I needed in order to care for patients. Read more


Dental hygiene – Talking tooth decay with your patients with diabetes

Some people call periodontal disease the sixth complication of diabetes after retinopathy, nephropathy, neuropathy, cardiovascular disease and poor wound healing. Read more