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InSync Video Series #7: Debunking myths about med sync and ABM

The appointment-based model (ABM) is improving the way many pharmacists work and enhancing the relationship they have with patients. Read More


The new topicals – So much more than pain & pediatrics in the age of polypharmacyLivRelief

Answers to key questions on why, when, and how to recommend sophisticated new OTC and compounded topicals for an ever-growing list of indications. 

Introducing Pharmacy Finance

Recent changes in government legislation have continued to place Canada’s pharmacy owners under further financial pressures, and the need for solutions that address these pressures is at an all-time high. Read more


Leaders in Pharmacy: Esmail Merani – Specialize for better care, better business

Esmail Merani, who is from a family of pharmacists, believes that connecting with patients is central to the services pharmacists deliver. Read more


Leaders in Pharmacy: Darcy Stann – Pharmacy at the tipping point

Darcy Stann is the principal consultant with the Firebird Management Consulting Group, which offers strategic planning, government relations, sales management and more to pharmacy companies, organizations and associations. Specialty medications are an area of expertise, including high-cost biologics. Read more


Leaders in Pharmacy: Derek Jorgenson – Fostering a new generation of pharmacists

As a faculty member, Derek Jorgenson teaches, conducts research and maintains a clinical practice. His research focuses on primary healthcare practice, including optimal roles for pharmacists in this system, interventions to improve medication management and best methods of teaching medication management to students and practising pharmacists. Read more


Leaders in Pharmacy: Erin MacKenzie – Pharmacists: the go-to professionals

As the head of the Island’s professional advocacy organization, Erin MacKenzie serves as spokesperson for pharmacists in the province. She works closely with government to advance an expanded role of pharmacists in the healthcare system. Read more
Cape Breton pharmacist Hugh Toner is a mental health champion

Hugh has had a long journey as a pharmacist in Atlantic Canada. With 30 years of experience, he has taken care of many patients, in a variety of pharmacy settings.

Read more

9. CE - Tom Smiley

Are you offering your patients a minor ailments program?

A minor ailments program is a formalized service in which patients are encouraged to consult the community pharmacist, rather than their primary care physician, for management of a defined list of minor ailments. Read more

WHPP Cannabis Day May 6 2018  _ 10

Growth potential in medical cannabis

The subject of medical cannabis and the potential role of the community pharmacy continues to garner great attention across the country at pharmacy conferences. Read more


What’s your value proposition and why should your patients care?

Getting your value proposition right is critical to your business model. You can have the best features, perfectly executed business operations, the right price, etc., but no one will ever know if they don’t get past your high-level value proposition. Read more

Learn the ABCs of pharma finance

As a pharmacist myself, I understand that pharmacists and pharmacy owners face many challenges to keep your practices running smoothly. Read more


Making the most of TFSAs

Most pharmacists would opt to pay fewer taxes and save more of their money for a rainy day. Read more


Life insurance can help your business succession planning

Estate planning ensures that an individual’s or family’s assets are distributed according to their wishes after death. Life insurance is often used as a solution to problems and needs identified in the estate planning process. Read more


Having the tough talk with your kids. No, not sex – finance!

When I speak with established pharmacy owners about what worries them, health, work stress and retirement readiness all make the list. As I help prepare them for succession, another concern often emerges – wanting to ensure their children grow to be happy, productive and successful adults. Read more