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MAGAZINE THUMBS Pharmacy Business is the trusted business resource for the pharmacy community. Read more

Pharmacy Business is the trusted business resource for the pharmacy community.

Dorothy Pardalis champions respiratory health in her community

Pharmacist and Certified Respiratory Educator (CRE) Dorothy Pardalis has made a personal commitment to improving asthma management in her Windsor, Ont. community. …. Read more

Ottawa’s Medical Pharmacy answers complex needs

Medical Pharmacy in Ottawa’s east end isn’t your usual neighbourhood drugstore.…. Read more

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Carl Ziegler’s top 5 tips to turn your front shop into a super shop

Many pharmacy owners and managers dedicate very little time and resources to their front shop. Read more


How to detect diabetic peripheral neuropathy in your patients

Diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN) is a common and very disabling disorder for those living with diabetes. Read more

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Are you ready for 6 tips that will drive your upselling?

Upselling is a sales technique to induce consumers to purchase more expensive items, upgrades or other add-ons in an attempt to make a more profitable sale. When many people think of upselling, they envision a fast-food restaurant server offering fries or an apple pie with their order. Read more

Rod Amaya

Rod Amaya has an Rx for enhanced patient care

Across Canada pharmacists are enjoying an expanded scope of practice – and patients are reaping the benefits. For many pharmacists, contemporary practice now includes prescribing for minor ailments and renewing physician scripts. Read more

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The expanding scope of practice is challenging pharmacists to broaden the array of professional services they provide.

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Watch & Learn: Take your immunization practice to the next level with travel health

International travel is increasing in popularity among Canadians. There are millions of trips each year to international destinations... Partner content Read more


What’s the secret sauce of high adherence pharmacies?

CARE is always the starting point, is greater than [ > ], and leads to, COMMERCE. The order can never be reversed. Read more

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Watch & Learn: 10 tips to achieve top interprofessional collaboration

Pharmacists and physicians in the community setting have historically communicated mostly for the purpose of taking verbal prescriptions over the phone, clarifying prescription details, or following up on concerns of patients. Read more

Tracey Phillips and her team are flu-first in their community pharmacy

The first months of my return to community pharmacy were a whirlwind of meeting new people, adjusting to the demands and the delights of owning a pharmacy, and adjusting to life on the frontlines of my profession. Read more

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Cookstown Pharmasave’s feng shui pharmacy

Good things come to those who wait. Eventually. Pharmacist Dave Head, co-owner of Cookstown Pharmasave, has been waiting a quarter century for the small community 100 kilometres northwest of Toronto to expand. Read more


Tara Maltman-Just’s 7 top tips for a STELLAR consulting pharmacy practice

No one who visits Tara Maltman-Just is just a number. “Mine is a one-on-one practice model that enables me to treat my patients with the integrity, compassion, personalized and comprehensive care that I believe they deserve,” says the Winnipeg-based pharmacist and founding clinician at Vitality Integrative Medicine. Read more


Denis Boissinot’s family pride

Being a pharmacist runs in my blood. My grandfather, Maurice, opened his Quebec City pharmacy in 1922. My Uncle André was Quebec’s first hospital pharmacist and the first university instructor in prescription compounding preparations at Université Laval. My father, Louis, opened his pharmacy in 1965 and I joined him in 1991, taking over when he retired. Read more