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PB May MAGAZINE THUMBS Pharmacy Business is the trusted business resource for the pharmacy community. Read more

Pharmacy Business is the trusted business resource for the pharmacy community.

Managing GERD. Pharmacists’ expanded scope helps them improve patient results

With GERD affecting approximately one in four Canadians, pharmacists like Susie Jin from Cobourg, Ont. are taking an active role in ensuring all of their patients are reaching optimal gastrointestinal outcomes.…. Read more

London Drugs’ Rick Siemens creates one-stop service with expanded care

When he joined the pharmacy in 1998, Rick Siemens had a vision to transform London Drugs Lethbridge, AB into a patient service-focused practice..…. Read more


Today’s Registered Pharmacy Techs boost efficiency and service

Canada's new pharmacy technicians are helping streamline the way pharmacies operate. Under new regulations, these techs have independent authority to prepare, process and compound prescriptions, ensuring accuracy and proper completion. Read more


Polaris Travel Clinic and Pharmacy’s Jason Kmet has the travel bug…and so will you

The travel bug that bit Jason Kmet landed him in such exotic destinations as Morocco, Read more

PHU Using Sales and Marketing Skills to Grow Your Practice

How do you get patients to transfer their prescriptions today?

Time after time it’s the same story. You look at advertising from most pharmacies and the message is always “transfer your prescriptions” or “fast, free, and easy transfers”. Read more


Diabetes and your prescription for exercise

As pharmacists we are not trained in the area of exercise physiology or personal training, yet we are on the front lines to face questions from people living with diabetes about the appropriate amount and type of exercise for managing diabetes. Read more

Most Popular CEs

The expanding scope of practice is challenging pharmacists to broaden the array of professional services they provide.

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Watch & Learn: Get the best from your employees with these tips

When an employee’s performance is an issue, managers assume: • “They” are the problem • It is an attitudinal issue on the part of the employee • Reprimanding/ reprisal or negative consequences are the best solution Read more


Watch & Learn: COPD screening and management for primary care pharmacists

COPD is the fourth leading cause of death in Canada and is the only chronic disease where mortality statistics are still worsening. Read more


Exploring the pharmacist-private payer relationship

Oil and water: that’s often the perception of pharmacists and private payers. But that perception is actually a misconception. Read more

Elder care is a new frontier for pharmacists

There is a new demographic reality that will have a direct and dramatic effect on pharmacists: Canada’s aging population. Read more

Rob Roscoe2

Pharmacists are at the forefront of diabetes care

Diabetes has reached epidemic proportions in Canada. It’s time to take a 360-approach to achieve results. Read more


Can you help your patients with digestive disorders?

The aches, pain, gurgles, bloating, and other issues associated with digestive upsets are compelling many Canadians to seek relief – as well as information – from their local pharmacist. Read more

Bryan Gray

Why is River Terrace Medical Pharmacy’s Bryan Gray such a big advocate?

The latest recipient of the CPhA’s New Practitioner Award, Bryan Gray (2013 grad of Dalhousie’s College of Pharmacy), owner/operator of River Terrace Medical Pharmacy in Thunder Bay, Ont., is an enthusiastic advocate for patient-centred care and pharmacy practice change. Read more