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InSync Video Series #2: If it ain’t broke, fix it anyway!

The appointment-based model (ABM) is improving the way many pharmacists work and enhancing the relationship they have with patients. Read More


SynMed® leads blister pack automationSynMed video screenshot 1

Proudly Canadian, Synergy Medical designs, manufactures and supports SynMed®. SynMed® is an automated dispensing system for solid oral medications in both single dose and multimed blister packs, a solution that guarantees Flexibility, Accuracy & Efficiency. Watch our video.


Learn the ABCs of Pharmacy Finance

Recent changes in government legislation have continued to place Canada’s pharmacy owners under further financial pressures, and the need for solutions that address these pressures is at an all-time high. Read more

Jamie Kellar

Pharmacists are making a difference for patients with mental health problems

Clinical pharmacist and lecturer Jamie Kellar is a mental health champion and a huge believer in the power of pharmacists to make a difference. Read more


How to make your pharmacy process-driven

Do you work your customers through their experience of your business in an efficient, logical and friendly manner? Read more


Flu season is coming. Will you be ready?

Monique Lavoie from Shoppers Drug Mart in Peace River, Alberta, isn't your typical pharmacist. Read more


Pharmacists help travellers get on their way safely

Whether for trekkers taking the road less travelled or intrepid hikers braving the urban jungle, pharmacists are the ideal go-to resource for health-conscious explorers. Read more
Pharmacists play an important role in patients’ mental health

Learn how Medicine Shoppe pharmacist Hugh Toner works with his patients.

Read more


When should you transfer wealth to your kids?

What are some of the factors a family should consider when passing money along to the next generation? Read more


Ajit Johal’s Rx for travel health success

With international travel increasing in popularity and pharmacists' scopes of practice expanding, travel health presents an excellent opportunity for pharmacists to provide a valuable service for their patients. Yet very few pharmacists practice in the space. Read more


Pharmacists, cottages and family dynamics

We work with countless pharmacy owner families across the country and we have found that one of the most important submerged legacy assets is often ignored in the strategic wealth plan – the family cottage. Read more
0088_Booth_PB Jan 2015_Takeda

Pharmacists focus on asthma management

Pharmacist and Certified Respiratory Educator (CRE) Dorothy Pardalis has made a personal commitment to improving asthma management in her community. Read more


3 top tips to save time, and your sanity, with technology

Let's face it, pharmacists are time-crunched. Not a day goes by in my practice where I don’t wish for more time to complete the ever growing pile of work in front of me. Read more


“How do I convert my dried cannabis daily dose to oils?”

The best way pharmacists can do better at maxing the opportunity of talking to their patients about medical cannabis is having the knowledge to address the most common questions patients may have. Hence have access and quick responses on how to address patients' questions. Read more


Pharmacists go beyond “skin deep” in skincare category

Not just the body’s biggest organ, skin is also a big market growth area for pharmacy. Read more