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PB-PHUca-Issue-thumbnails-NOV2015 Pharmacy Business is the trusted business resource for the pharmacy community. Read more

Pharmacy Business is the trusted business resource for the pharmacy community.

TELUS Pharma Space offers value added

Video: TELUS Pharma Space offers value added

Ron Mack believes that the best pharmacy teams offer patients much more than prescriptions… Read more

NPAC: Healthcare Closer to Home

Walsh’s Pharmacy offers customers healthcare closer to home

Walsh’s Pharmacy offers customers healthcare closer to home… Read more


Meet today’s flu fighters!

The flu is nothing to sneeze at. According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, there are an average of 12,200 hospitalizations related to influenza each year in this country and approximately 3,500 deaths attributed to the flu. In the first six months of this year alone, there have been more than 5,400 hospitalizations and 340 deaths resulting from the disease. Read more

016_Watt_PB May 2014_Staffing

SDM’s Alison Supina’s keys for using caring counselling to enhance patient health

It's up to pharmacists to do a first-rate job of educating their patients about the importance of good health. Read more


3 top trends to drive true growth in the frontshop

The face of retail pharmacy looks very different today from a few years ago, and front-of-shop retailing is a major driver of growth, according to a presentation on True Growth in the Front Shop: Retail Trends in Pharmacy by Scott Cameron, principal at McKinsey and Company. Read more


Mark Scanlon’s 7 top tips to buy a pharmacy

When pharmacist Mark Scanlon purchased a small pharmacy in Peterborough, Ont. in December 2013, he was more prepared than most would-be entrepreneurs for the many challenges of ownership. Read more

Most Popular CEs

The expanding scope of practice is challenging pharmacists to broaden the array of professional services they provide.


Managing GERD. Pharmacists’ expanded scope helps them improve patient results

With GERD affecting approximately one in four Canadians, pharmacists like Susie Jin from Cobourg, Ont. are taking an active role in ensuring all of their patients are reaching optimal gastrointestinal outcomes. Partner content Read more


Watch & Learn: COPD screening and management for primary care pharmacists

COPD is the fourth leading cause of death in Canada and is the only chronic disease where mortality statistics are still worsening. Read more


Watch & Learn: Managing your staff’s performance for top results!

When an employee’s performance is an issue, managers assume: • “They” are the problem • It is an attitudinal issue on the part of the employee • Reprimanding/ reprisal or negative consequences are the best solution Read more
0008_Watt_PB Nov 2014_Travel Health

Betty Golightly turns travel health into a new business model

When Betty Golighlty decided to add travel health services to her Calgary practice, she committed to offering the highest quality of care. “My goal when I started this program was to deliver the best possible pre-travel consultation provided by any healthcare professional.” Read more

Safeway Pharmacy 00711

Personalized medicine: Genomics helps BC pharmacists target the right drugs for the right patient

An exciting new research project that aims to make personalized medicine a reality for patients is launching in a number of community pharmacies across British Columbia. Read more

029_Packman_PB Mar 2014_Change Makers

Julian Ellis has a passion for compounding

During my studies and internships at school I was exposed to many of the aspects and applications of the profession such as compounding, hospitals, family health teams and community pharmacy. Read more


Expanded scope sees pharmacists spreading their wings

Canadian consumers are gaining awareness of the services pharmacists can offer beyond filling prescriptions, but there is still a huge opportunity for them to offer even more, particularly in the treatment and management of some chronic diseases. Read more