Pharmacy U

Pharmacy U Vancouver packs a punch


To say Pharmacy U Vancouver was a success would be an understatement.

by Claire Sowerbutt

Photos by Brandon Gray

Over the course of one day, participants heard inspiring and educational presentations from leaders in pharmacy, covering topics from building business plans to preventing third party audits to overcoming barriers to injectable therapies in diabetes care, and much, much more.

The conference kicked off with a hard-hitting keynote presentation on value-driven pharmacy, presented by Roderick Slavcec, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutical Science – University of Waterloo. The message – pharmacy needs to shift its focus to patient-centred services – selling health, not products, assessing what needs the pharmacist is satisfying per patient, and determining what the pharmacist’s job is actually doing for the customer. “Pharmacy should be practised as a specialized service. This is where the focus has to change,” Dr. Slavcec told a packed hall. One delegate said it had been worth attending for that presentation alone.

The theme of patient-focused pharmacy was reiterated across the various presentations throughout the course of the day, with sessions designed to educate pharmacists and pharmacy owners about the integral role they can play in helping Canadians access and navigate our fractured healthcare system. Pharmacists are frontline – the interface between the system and the patient – and so are extremely well positioned to reach out to patients with expanded services such as care plans and injection clinics.