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The Leaders in Pharmacy initiative, sponsored by Pfizer Canada Inc., brings together leaders with unparalleled expertise and vision to explore the changing role of pharmacy in health and wellness, share best practices, and pave the way for strong pharmacist leadership in Canada.


David Edwards and the Healthcare Providers of Tomorrow

By donalee Moulton Canada’s next generation of pharmacists is learning about the profession and the Read more


Donnie Edwards on building a customer service culture

By Donalee Moulton   Donnie Edwards co-owns Boggio & Edwards IDA, a specialty compounding pharmacy Read more


Al Chilton’s Rubicon builds innovative relationships with customers and communities

Al Chilton, president and CEO of Rubicon Pharmacies Canada Inc., in Regina understands the importance of building customer relationships – and a thriving business – founded on trust. He shared his insights with us. Read more


Peter Zawadzki – Market the pharmacist, focus on value

Peter Zawadzki’s consulting business focuses on partnerships, research and education in the areas of cost-effective pharmacy services and health benefits. He is equally dedicated to clinical practice (works part-time) and advancing and promoting the profession of pharmacy. Read more


John Shaske – Support of personal health care goals drives customer loyalty

John Shaske has 37 years of experience expanding the boundaries of pharmaceutical care to improve health outcomes by resolving drug therapy problems. Read more


Gayle Romanetz – Be a trailblazer – and give back

As Loblaws’ senior director of pharmacy operations, Gayle Romanetz provides leadership, direction and decision making in alignment with the organizational, national, and regional pharmacy strategy. Read more


Use med reviews to build trust and prevent adherence issues

We spoke with Denis M. Roy, senior director of professional affairs with Pharmaprix/Shoppers Drug Mart in Montreal, about customer loyalty and adherence, the importance of both, and the building blocks of patient health outcomes in a successful pharmacy. Read more


Glenn Rodrigues – Loyalty leads to better outcomes and better business

Diversity has defined Glenn Rodrigues’s career. In addition to being a career community pharmacist, he was coordinator of the Skills Lab at Dalhousie University’s College of Pharmacy and continues to provide continuing education programs supporting expanded scopes of practice. Read more


John Papastergiou – Little things make a big difference to patients

John Papastergiou plays many leadership roles in the pharmacy community. Owning and operating two busy urban Shoppers Drug Mart locations consumes most of his time. That being said, he is also passionate about pharmacy practice research. Read more


Paula MacNeil – Demonstrating confidence in our services and ourselves

Paula MacNeil is focused on looking outward. In her role as Senior Director of Professional Affairs and Government Relations with Shoppers Drug Mart in Atlantic Canada, she works closely with advocacy bodies, government departments, and regulatory bodies. Read more


Donnie Edwards – Worry less about numbers, more about service

Donnie Edwards co-owns Boggio & Edwards IDA, a specialty compounding pharmacy. His personal focus is on pain management, women’s health and addiction services. Read more


David Edwards – Real-world training for a new generation

David Edwards provides leadership to the School of Pharmacy at the University of Waterloo. He is also actively shaping the next generation of pharmacists in the classroom. Read more


Al Chilton – Treat patients, not conditions

Rubicon Pharmacies now has 63 stores in Western Canada, including 55 in Saskatchewan. Most of the pharmacies in the network have been in business for decades. Customer care has always been the number one priority. Read more


Jean Bourcier – Adherence advances the work and reputation of the profession

The ultimate goal is to make a real contribution to the well-being of patients and that of the population. Read more