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Building the best foundation for lasting patient-centred care

The Leaders in Pharmacy initiative, sponsored by Pfizer Canada Inc., brings together leaders with unparalleled expertise and vision to explore the changing role of pharmacy in health and wellness, share best practices, and pave the way for strong pharmacist leadership in Canada.



Leaders in Pharmacy: Esmail Merani – Specialize for better care, better business

Esmail Merani, who is from a family of pharmacists, believes that connecting with patients is central to the services pharmacists deliver. Read more


Leaders in Pharmacy: Darcy Stann – Pharmacy at the tipping point

Darcy Stann is the principal consultant with the Firebird Management Consulting Group, which offers strategic planning, government relations, sales management and more to pharmacy companies, organizations and associations. Specialty medications are an area of expertise, including high-cost biologics. Read more


Leaders in Pharmacy: Derek Jorgenson – Fostering a new generation of pharmacists

As a faculty member, Derek Jorgenson teaches, conducts research and maintains a clinical practice. His research focuses on primary healthcare practice, including optimal roles for pharmacists in this system, interventions to improve medication management and best methods of teaching medication management to students and practising pharmacists. Read more


Leaders in Pharmacy: Erin MacKenzie – Pharmacists: the go-to professionals

As the head of the Island’s professional advocacy organization, Erin MacKenzie serves as spokesperson for pharmacists in the province. She works closely with government to advance an expanded role of pharmacists in the healthcare system. Read more


Leaders in Pharmacy: Ross Tsuyuki – Building evidence of pharmacy’s value

When he was offered a position as a professor at the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Medicine, Ross Tsuyuki thought it sounded both different and interesting. “I was not sure anyone had done this before,” he says. “I signed up for three years. That was 21 years ago.” Read more


Leaders in Pharmacy: Benoit Morin – Helping patients navigate the healthcare system

Morin Pharmacy serves a large and diverse community of patients. In addition to a pharmacy with a small frontshop, owner Benoit Morin operates three labs, including one for IV products. Read more


Leaders in Pharmacy: Derek Desrosiers – Time to break free from stereotypes

Although Derek Desrosiers jokingly describes his role at the BCPhA as “chief cook and bottle washer,” he primarily helps members with professional practice and business management issues. Read more


Leaders in Pharmacy: Judith Choquette – Speaking up about pharmacy’s value

Judith Choquette purchased her 2,200-square-foot store in 2009, but she’s quick to point out it is a family pharmacy that has been in existence since 1962. As the third owner, she is serving three generations of customers. Read more


Leaders in Pharmacy: Bruce Winston – Time to usher in a new future

Bruce Winston purchased his first community pharmacy one year after graduating. Today, he is an owner of Sandstone Pharmacies, which operates 19 pharmacies throughout Calgary and rural Alberta. Read more


Leaders in Pharmacy: Brenda Bursey – Involvement is key to effecting change

Over the course of her career, Brenda Bursey has been the owner of an independent pharmacy and an associate-owner for Shoppers Drug Mart. She developed an interest in the treatment of opioid addiction and became a prime mover in the development of the Opioid Dependence Treatment (ODT) program in Newfoundland and Labrador. Read more


Leaders in Pharmacy: Ryan Murphy – Commitment to community health

For Ryan Murphy, leading a family-owned business with pharmacies throughout Atlantic Canada means providing leadership, setting the vision and supporting his team. Read more


Leaders in Pharmacy: Sean Simpson – Pharmacists as the agents of change

Sean Simpson’s work day is a balancing act: he devotes much of his time to managing the business and supporting staff. An average day often involves visiting most, if not all stores in the SimErgy Network, including Simpson’s Pharmasave in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Read more


Leaders in Pharmacy: Margaret Brna – Adapting to change, expanding horizons

Margaret Brna describes her role with Loblaw, supporting both Shoppers Drug Mart and grocery store pharmacies, as assisting pharmacists to embrace expanded scope so they can practise to their full potential. Read more


Leaders in Pharmacy: Carlo Berardi – Stepping up to meet patients’ needs

Carlo Berardi has been a pharmacist for more than 30 years. Read more