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Watch & Learn: 4 winning tips for influencing with impact

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Most of us have a positive intention to work well with our colleagues, our patients, and other healthcare professionals. Sometimes we pull it off and sometimes we don’t. 

By Lynn Harris

There is a range of influence behaviours that will help you to get your job done and at the same time build good working relationships.

Positive influence is a product of how we use our energy. We can either be on our own agenda (‘push’ energy) or on others’ agenda (‘pull’ energy). Skillful influencers are able to use both types of energy and are aware of the impact of their behaviour. They are also able to change their behaviour depending on the situation and the outcome they want.

4 winning tips for influencing with impact

  1. Balance your ‘push’ and ‘pull’ energy.
  2. Spend as much time on other’s agenda as on your own.
  3. Be concise when you use ‘push’ behaviours.
  4. Help others by disclosing useful information.

To help you exert influence with impact, you need to understand eight positive influence behaviours:

Positive ‘push’ behaviours (My Agenda)

Logical reasoning

Stating expectations

Expressing feelings

Incentives & pressures

Positive ‘pull’ behaviours (Your Agenda)


Asking questions

Finding common ground


You must also be able to answer three questions:

  • How do you prefer to use your energy when you are influencing others?
  • Whose agenda are you typically on?
  • What behaviours are available to you if you want to be more skilful?

Once you understand how to exert influence with impact, you will be able to get things done with other people in a way that builds and maintains positive relationships.