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Have you unleashed the true power of tech in your pharmacy?


Workload factors can lead to inefficiencies and dispensing errors, but there are areas of your practice where technologies can be used to enhance productivity and reduce errors.

By Wayne Caverly

Good workplace design, in addition to the successful implementation of technology in your pharmacy, can help you gain full value from new technologies.

Here are the top tips to understanding the role of technology:

  • Understand that work overload leads to errors. In a 200 Rx/day pharmacy there will be 550 process errors monthly, 70 errors reaching the patient, and 7 clinically significant errors.
  • See how technology and dispensing automation can improve efficiencies and reduce errors, including reducing fill times and lowering costs.
  • Learn how automation can increase frontshop sales, handle growth, decrease errors, shorten wait times, and lead to better employee retention.
  • Take the time to decide which technology suppliers to “short-list” and analyze each firm for suitability.
  • Understand the role of design in automating a pharmacy.

How do you ensure a successful implementation and post-implementation?

  1. Identify an internal project manager.
  2. Prepare for change.
  3. Ensure your pharmacy is properly designed for your space and workflow.
  4. Follow your supplier’s checklist.
  5. Manage training needs and schedules.
  6. Expect the worst and hope for the best.


Wayne Caverly is the president of Caverly Pharmacy Solutions.