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3 top tips to plan your front shop for maximum sales

Jim Danahy photo 2018

Your neediest Rx patients are not only the key to the most important patient care you provide, and the key to the success of your dispensary business, the same people are your most valuable customers.

By Jim Danahy, CEO CustomerLab

They are your most predictable source of front shop sales, your best source of new patient referrals, and they are loyal insulation from outside competition.

As the big guys expand, it is becoming increasingly difficult for many pharmacy front shops to compete, boost store traffic, and remain relevant.

But one thing still guides most pharmacy visits and drives the majority of $$ sale: one-to-one relationships, which produce intimate, timely customer data.

Care > Commerce© means always aligned and never in conflict, and satisfying patient needs, not upselling stuff.

The 3 top tips to plan your Rx-guided front shop:

  1.  Harness pharmacy management system and POS system data to reveal better patient care and revenue.
  2.  Link Rx to OTCs, natural health, nutrition, home health products & services for each patient.
  3.  Make the most of pharmacy banner resources, industry associations & front shop suppliers in data analytics and merchandising tactics.

Each pharmacy’s data can identify patients with the greatest care needs, and that equals precise guidance of the right assortment, inventory and display priorities for greatest patient care AND profit.

Remember, your neediest Rx patients are your key to success. Treat them like you need them, and they will return the favour with repeat business.