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Welcome to the new Innovation Hub. This exclusive section is filled with videos, features and resources including practical tips designed to help pharmacists introduce innovative services to improve patient care. Get started by downloading the featured “step-by-step” guide created by 20 individuals representing the past three years of Leaders In Pharmacy, and learn how to launch your own services.



Introducing the Innovation HUB – innovation you can use
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3 top tips for prescription guided frontshops

Your neediest Rx patients are not only the key to the most important patient care you provide, and the key to the success of your dispensary business, the same people are your most valuable customers. Read more


Innovation Hub: 3 tips to plan your prescription-guided front shop

Your neediest Rx patients are not only the key to the most important patient care you provide, and the key to the success of your dispensary business, the same people are your most valuable customers. Read more

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Selling pharmacy services

With the continually changing pharmacy environment, pharmacists are going to have to approach patients and actively market and sell their services. Pharmacist sales skills can dramatically increase the uptake of expanded services and demonstrate how these services address the underlying needs of their patients. Read more

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The future of telepharmacy is NOW

Telepharmacy is the use of technology to provide pharmacy-related value. With this description, a call from your pharmacy to a patient to discuss his or her medications is a form of telepharmacy, something all pharmacists have been doing since they started practising. Read more


Immunization — creating custom solutions for your patients

Pharmacists are quickly becoming immunization champions. Throughout Canada, pharmacists are not only educating and injecting patients with influenza vaccines but are delivering an increasing number of vaccines in practice. Read more


Watch & Learn: 5 key steps to turn your pharmacy into a flu zone

Despite the well-known fact that influenza vaccination is associated with major public health benefits, the rate of immunization with flu vaccine in Canada in 2012 was only 29 per cent. Read more

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Innovation HUB: Top 10 tips to collaborate more effectively with physicians

Pharmacists and physicians in the community setting have historically communicated mostly for the purpose of taking verbal prescriptions over the phone, clarifying prescription details, or following up on concerns of patients. Read more


The 5 best strategies to optimize your medication review services

An effective medication review means listening to our patients first. Partner content Read more


Watch & Learn: Thinking of setting up a travel health clinic?

International travel is increasing in popularity among Canadians. There are millions of trips each year to international destinations... Partner content Read more


Pharmacists stre-e-e-tch their thinking with innovative partnerships

Lee-Anne McAlear is the program director for the Centre of Excellence in Applied Innovation Management at York University’s Schulich Executive Education Centre in Toronto. Read more


Watch & Learn: Brenda Adams’ 7 top strategies for succeeding as an independent

In little more than a decade, in a market dominated by larger chains, we’ve been able to build our independent pharmacy, Janzen’s, into a success... Read more

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Watch & Learn: Harness the power of technology in your practice

Good workplace design, in addition to the successful implementation of technology in your pharmacy, can help you gain full value from new technologies. Read more

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Watch & Learn: How can you turn your employees into top performers?

How can you be a better manager and help your staff perform at their best? Read more


Watch & Learn: Pharmacist Jody Keller’s top 5 time management tips

Time is of the essence, but managing time effectively can be a challenge. Time management is a skill that can be learned... Read more

Bright's Grove

Watch & Learn: Bright’s Grove Family Pharmacy drives services

Doing things a bit differently is the hallmark of Bright's Grove Family Pharmacy. Read more


Watch & Learn: Bob Mehr’s 6 tips to getting staff to buy in and stay in

When it comes to staff training, pharmacy owner Bob Mehr is a firm believer in the well-worn adage: “you have to spend money to make money.’’... Read more


Enhanced Care Clinics offer a new vision for healthcare

Tommy Cheung, a pharmacist and entrepreneur based in Aurora, Ont., is leading the way in healthcare delivery. Seeing a need for enhanced care integration at a community level... Read more

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8 tips to implement an effective minor ailment program

A minor ailments program is a formalized service in which patients are encouraged to consult the community pharmacist, rather than their primary care physician, for management of a defined list of minor ailments. Read more



Born in Kenya, Nafisa Merali is a UBC pharmacy graduate (1991).
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Bruce Winston’s 3 key pharmacy marketing strategies

In 2010, pharmacists in Ontario were reeling from the changes to generic drug pricing and professional allowances. While many pharmacy owners felt safe from the shift, Bruce Winston, president of Apex Pharmacies, realized these changes would likely set a precedent for other provincial governments. Read more

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GUEST POST: 6 top tips to avoid errors in community pharmacy practice

On March 13, 2016 an Ontario mother woke up to the unimaginable – she had found her 8-year-old son unresponsive at home. Read more

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Ahmed Metwally’s 6 tips to run a better pharmacy

Running a successful pharmacy is not all fill and bill. Just ask pharmacist Ahmed Metwally. Read more


Lovell Drug’s 7 tips to promote staffing excellence

If anyone knows the value of first-rate customer service, it’s Pat Piquette, who for 35+ years has been a pharmacist and store manager for the Lovell Drugs chain in eastern Ontario. Read more

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Brainstorming with the Leaders in Pharmacy to promote innovation

How can pharmacists innovate the patient experience so the pharmacy becomes the patient care hub? Read more


Watch & Learn: Richard Smith and Peter Meraw’s 5 tips to manage workflow

We expanded and renovated our Minden Pharmasave to position ourselves to compete against other big brand chains, create new revenue streams to offset losses from the reduction of generic drug rebates in Ontario, and improve the level of service to customers. Read more


Pharmacist Nafisa Merali’s 4 top tips to foster community outreach

Pharmacist Nafisa Merali runs six busy pharmacies in Vancouver’s Lower Mainland. Read more


Thinking outside the pharmacy box. How ’bout some coffee with that Rx?

With the way things are going today with lower rebates on generic drug prices and more government regulations, pharmacies now more than ever need to diversify to generate new businesses and streams of revenue. Read more


Have meds, will travel – Polaris Travel Clinic takes a different path

The travel bug that bit Jason Kmet landed him in such exotic destinations as Morocco, Read more


Pharmacist Nazlin Khamis transformed Chilliwack Pharmasave – here’s how

Nazlin Khamis’s transformation of Chilliwack Pharmasave from a traditional community pharmacy into a specialty compounding, natural and home health destination has evolved over nearly three decades. Read more


Senior care is an important specialty for today’s pharmacists

There is a new demographic reality that will have a direct and dramatic effect on pharmacists: Canada’s aging population. Read more

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Pharmacy U presenter Bryan Gray of River Terrace Medical Pharmacy puts patient care front and centre

Bryan Gray, owner/operator of River Terrace Medical Pharmacy in Thunder Bay, Ont., is an enthusiastic advocate for patient-centred care and pharmacy practice change. Read more


Vitality Integrative Medicine is not your ordinary pharmacy practice

No one who visits Tara Maltman-Just is just a number. “Mine is a one-on-one practice model that enables me to treat my patients with the integrity, compassion, personalized and comprehensive care that I believe they deserve,” says the Winnipeg-based pharmacist and founding clinician at Vitality Integrative Medicine. Read more

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Betty Golightly champions travel health at her pharmacy

When Betty Golightly decided to add travel health services to her Calgary practice, she committed to offering the highest quality of care. Read more

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More and more pharmacists are helping their patients with diabetes

Diabetes has reached epidemic proportions in Canada. It’s time to take a 360-approach to achieve results. Read more


Howe Sound Pharmacy engages customers to excel

When Mrs. Smith visited Howe Sound Pharmacy recently to refill her blood pressure medication, pharmacists noticed that she was moving very gingerly. Read more


Grand Avenue Pharmacy stays ahead of the curve

Ian Kruger (University of Saskatchewan, 1997) practised in various locations after his graduation, including Nunavut, before settling in Cochrane, AB, west of Calgary, where he opened Grand Avenue Pharmacy in 2010. Read more

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Pharmacist Sandeep Sodhi’s Rx for a healthy practice

Many of our patients and many residents of the Nova Scotia community where our pharmacy is located want to lose weight – and they want to keep it off. We’re here to help. Read more