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Advance your patient-centred practice – Administering injection medications


When your patient, Mrs. Smith, says: “It’s so difficult to get around these days and now it’s time for my vitamin injection,” do you ever think about how you could accommodate her need to receive an injection? Perhaps by doing so, you could streamline her overall healthcare and make life a little easier for her.

Part of providing patient-centred care is using your scope to help meet your patients’ unique needs.  This should include administering injection medications, which can translate into more holistic care for the patient, convenience, patient satisfaction and greater adherence to treatment.  While some provinces limit injection authority to influenza vaccinations, others have a broader scope.  A collaborative approach with physicians may involve implementing medical directives or direct orders that allow pharmacists to administer specific injection medications (e.g., herpes zoster vaccination, denosumab, vitamin B12, etc.) to most effectively serve their patients.

In this evolving healthcare landscape in which patients and other stakeholders are looking to pharmacists to fill gaps and improve access to care, obtaining certification to administer injections is a critical part of your strategy to build your practice and business.  If you have not yet done so, it is time to get trained in this important skill.

Pear Healthcare Solutions offers a blended program, the National Injectable Medication and Vaccine Administration Program, which includes a series of brief online modules, followed by live training at various sites across Canada.  This program is CCCEP-accredited and meets the requirements for you to certify as an injection provider.  You can complete the online portion at at your own pace and register online for a live session at a location that is convenient for you.

Visit today to view the live workshop schedule. Take this important step towards providing more comprehensive and accessible patient care and building your business by enhancing loyalty and adherence in the long term.