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Akil Dhirani – Providing personalized care to help patients


“To me, the most satisfying part of being a pharmacist is when you’re able to spend time with your patients. Take, for example, my patients Jean and John; they have been visiting my pharmacy for over 20 years. For me, it’s never been just about dispensing medications. Our patients are part of our pharmacy family. No matter what the issue is, they can count on our team.”


After starting his pharmacy career in a hospital, Akil realized he wanted to spend more time with his patients. In 1997, Akil opened his first Guardian pharmacy in Scarborough, Ontario.


That’s where Akil put down deep roots and built meaningful relationships with his patients. Take for example two special patients: John and Jean. The team at Akil’s pharmacy has always been close to their hearts. Both patients have been filling their prescriptions with Akil for over twenty years, building a friendship that surpasses the traditional pharmacist-patient relationship.


Whenever John and Jean need support and advice, Akil and his team are there to help.