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Diverse backgrounds, wide-ranging experience, and extensive expertise characterize this year’s featured leaders. The Leaders in Pharmacy initiative, sponsored by Pfizer Canada, recognizes those outstanding individuals who have helped to move forward the profession of pharmacy to the next level. These leaders explore the increasingly important role of pharmacists as front line healthcare providers.


by donalee Moulton

Photo by Brandon Gray


These are historic – and rapidly evolving – times for the pharmacy profession. The current pace and extent of change are unprecedented. That is why the need to foster innovation and creative thinking in the profession has never been greater. “We are dedicated to pharmacy and have sponsored the Leaders in Pharmacy program from its inception,” says Gordon Cooper, Pfizer’s director of commercial channels. “We bring the leaders together to share best practices.”


This year’s Leaders in Pharmacy – from community pharmacy, academia, business, and professional associations – are unanimous in their belief that a focus on adherence leads to enhanced patient care, better health outcomes and thus improved customer loyalty. This is why “Customer Loyalty and Adherence” was chosen as this year’s theme for Leaders in Pharmacy. As one pharmacist leader noted, relationships are at the heart of customer loyalty, and with strong relationships come increased and important opportunities to improve patients’ health.


“Customer loyalty is critical to the success of the pharmacy profession, and we want to support pharmacists in this important endeavour,” says Cooper. As pharmacy expands its patient-centred services, Canadians experience the incredible value and as a result increase their loyalty to pharmacists as a key member of their healthcare team. This, the leaders told us, means developing sustained relationships with patients that are built on loyalty and founded on helping them get the optimal benefits from the medications they take.


Substantive change starts one patient at a time, building on a trusted relationship with their pharmacist in their community. Our 2017 Leaders in Pharmacy agree that building customer loyalty is not about having a program that gives people points for shopping in a particular store. As one of this year’s featured leaders explained, customer loyalty is about service and substance. Loyalty is fostered when patients see value in the relationship they develop and enjoy with their pharmacist.


“There is a growing movement in pharmacy to address issues such as adherence from a patient-centred perspective, and this year’s leaders are at the forefront of that movement,” says Cooper. Pharmacists cannot do that in isolation, and it’s clear that creative and lasting partnerships are vital to change. “We’re moving ahead together,” says Cooper. “With our collective expertise, we want to help pharmacists stay ahead of the change curve. We want to be the partner of choice.”


Successful patient-centred care is based on relationships – lasting, effective, and forward-thinking – that you will read about in the pages that follow. Pharmacy Business is proud to introduce you to the industry leaders across Canada who have formed such lasting relationships and who are helping the pharmacy profession in this country chart a healthier course for patients and the profession.


Hats off to the 2017 Leaders in Pharmacy!