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Championing gender equity and diversity in pharmacy

Sherif Guorgui

by Sherif Guorgui


For a long time now, we have been talking about the clear gender gaps in career progression within the profession.


While women clearly outnumber men in pharmacy, it is inexplicable, at least to me, why they seem to be under-represented in leadership and senior roles. In assessing the current landscape, I see that the profession is rich with a large number of highly successful and influential women who are contributing significantly to the advancement of pharmacy each and every day.


Therefore, to celebrate Women Pharmacist Day, which was observed on October 12, 2020, I have been featuring (in a completely random order) a female leader in pharmacy every week during the month of October. Since there are so many amazing women leaders who deserve the recognition and who would be a great inspiration for other women who could benefit from their experience, I decided to continue with the weekly feature until October 2021.


I am hoping that keeping the initiative going for a whole straight year will shed the necessary light to effect change, and to promote cross-gender mentorship and sponsorship opportunities to ultimately further close the gender-diversity gap in leadership roles within the profession .


To that extent, I am pleased to partner with to conduct individual interviews with female leaders in all sectors of pharmacy on both the national and international levels. The interviews will be featured on and promoted through social media.


If you know of a female leader in pharmacy who should be featured through this initiative, please reach out to me through my LinkedIn account below.


Sherif Guorgui is a third-generation pharmacist with extensive experience in various pharmacy sectors, such as retail, specialty, regulatory, industry, government and professional affairs. He is recognized as an individual who has played a significant role in promoting the value of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in healthcare, and advocating for the pharmacy profession at community, provincial and international levels.