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Custom content: The Health Depot Pharmacy launches direct-to-door service


Long time London, Ontario-based pharmacist Andy Donald has launched The Health Depot Pharmacy, a direct to door service. He used to own a brick and mortar store but transitioned to the online space after realizing the need to increase access and availability to everyone across Ontario, particularly seniors and those living in rural Ontario.


With COVID-19, the company is prioritizing seniors and the vulnerable to make sure they are able to stay safe, abide by physical distancing restrictions, and get everything they need to live healthily. And even when restrictions ease, these online services will allow patients all across the province to have access to medications and more without ever having to step inside a store.


The process has been set up with online and virtual consultation in mind. Patients sign up online, book a consult, and have their prescriptions and healthcare products shipped anywhere in Ontario. The Health Depot also has a number of specialized pharmacists on the team, specializing in geriatrics, respiratory, and diabetes.


The company allows patients real-time access, from any device, to medication information with PharmaConnect. Physicians can send prescriptions electronically, and The Health Depot has an app that allows patients to take a photo and send their prescription from their phone.


“We are committed to prioritizing seniors, vulnerable individuals, their loved ones, and supporting all Ontarians at this time,” said Andy Donald, founder & CEO of The Health Depot Pharmacy, in a news release. “The core of what we do as an organization is to help individuals become, and stay healthy. Our online pharmacy and health store with direct-to-door delivery makes this easy for individuals, especially those that need it most.


“As a registered pharmacist since 2011, my passion lies in supporting patient health. Our unique triaged approach allows necessary medications to be delivered promptly to those who rely on them. We want to help people stay healthy – and stay home.”


The Health Depot’s  healthcare e-commerce store has thousands of health essentials available for online purchase and delivery, which can be shipped together with prescriptions for free. Their Daily Dose Packs allow for an easy approach for patients who are taking multiple medications to have a simple, one daily packet approach, which is particularly helpful to seniors, caregivers, chronically ill, special needs individuals among others.


Health Depot Pharmacy customers can also easily access their medication profile through PharmaConnect on their computers or mobile devices where they can enjoy the safety and security of having up-to-date medication information at all times.