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Ensuring Your Immunization Recommendations Are the Best Fit for Your Patients



With the ever-changing number of expanded services, an increasing number of pharmacists are immunizing patients against a large number of vaccine-preventable diseases.  This is increasing uptake of recommended vaccines and is playing a role in protecting patients and entire communities against serious conditions that these vaccines prevent.

As pharmacists continue to immunize an increasing number of their patients, they will be expected to provide information and to address issues regarding vaccine use. This education and counselling can help to increase immunization uptake as well as address common patient concerns regarding vaccine use. To do this effectively, pharmacists must become familiar with the current vaccines used in public immunization programs as well as the travel vaccines commonly used in practice.

Because the primary clients of pharmacy-based immunization programs are adults, this program will focus on vaccines commonly used in adult Canadians. The three modules in this lesson will address the common vaccines administered in pharmacy practice and will discuss how to engage patients and customize immunizations based on the needs of the individual patient.  

Sponsored by an unrestricted educational grant from Sanofi.

(Expires: Nov 19, 2015)