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Federated Co-op pharmacy uses ScriptPro SP 200 robotic dispensing system


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The quiet, reliable and efficient ScriptPro SP 200 robotic dispensing system has allowed Garth Walls to keep up with rising prescription volumes while freeing up staff to spend more time with patients.

The manager of the Federated Co-op pharmacy in North Battleford, SK, installed a ScriptPro SP 200 about a year ago when two of his pharmacists left on maternity leave.

“I had been thinking of a robotic system for a while, but when they left I had to do something because I couldn’t handle the work load,” he says. “My volumes have been going up about 10 per cent a year for the last few years and the SP 200 has made an enormous difference. I can fill more scripts with fewer people. I have four terminals throughout the pharmacy where prescriptions can be entered, and I added a collator, which allows the machine to fill and label up to six vials at one time. It just keeps working and filling scripts while my staff are free to do other things and work with customers.”

Walls is particularly impressed with ScriptPro’s technical support. “The system hasn’t gone down once in more than a year, but if you have a question or need help at any time you simply call their support number and you get someone on the line who speaks your language and knows everything about the equipment. It’s made a huge difference to my business and the service is excellent.”