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Hauser’s – deeply rooted in the communities they serve


Bonnie and Jim Hauser opened Hauser’s Pharmacy in Dunnville, Ont. in 1980. Their eldest son and current owner, Phil Hauser, worked alongside his parents for years and took ownership of the family business a decade ago. Hauser’s second location, in St. Catharines, opened in March, 2013. And their newest location, in Hamilton, opened recently.

By Phil Hauser BSc.Phm.

Like many pharmacists, I am fascinated by vestiges of the history of pharmacy (as a second generation pharmacist, I was able to inherit some!). Our past makes me think of the fundamentals of our profession, where creativity and skill complement our knowledge. Back in the day, pharmacists shared formulas and techniques to the benefit of others; new pharmacists were nurtured. I saw this happen: I took my first steps in the back of my parents’ pharmacy, a pharmacy that in one incarnation or another goes back about 100 years. With this history we have patients who have been with “us” for 70 years. The passing on of knowledge was meant to create an opportunity for old techniques to meet new ideas. I believe embracing the expectations and standards set by our past should still allow us to innovate.

Hauser’s was one of the first pharmacies to remove tobacco from our shelves and among the first in Ontario to use computers. I was taught early on to seek out change. New scope of practice in minor ailments, counselling (not just on drugs), specializing in disease states (not just medication management), and embracing technological innovation are key elements in moving our profession forward.

Carrying the weight of the past can sometimes be a burden, but not doing everything we can as professionals for our patients and our profession is a bigger weight. That is why I am a member of my provincial and federal pharmacist associations, and that is why I was a  co-founder Whole Health Pharmacy Partners, and now a strong independent pharmacy.  I’d like to see pharmacists be celebrated for their innovative spirit and their compassion. That’s what makes a successful pharmacy. And we all know you can’t put a quota on that.


Phil Hauser BSc.Phm. is the owner of Hauser’s Pharmacy in Dunnville, St. Catharines and Hamilton, Ont.