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“I like what she said…!” (Part 1 of 3)

Sherif Guorgui

by Sherif Guorgui


Over the past four months, I have been working with on a yearlong initiative to highlight every week an amazing woman leader in pharmacy.

Each leader featured had an inspiring message. Below are my preferred quotes that I liked from each of their interviews:


Andrea D’Angelo (Ontario) – Week 1

“I’ve always had a passion for pharmacy.  It’s in my blood.”


Jen Baker (Ontario) – Week 2

“We must take time to envision what our future could and should look like. Then we must shape that future, together.”


Margaret Brna (Ontario) – Week 3

“I’m proud to be a Canadian pharmacist. We’re on the cutting edge of pharmacy internationally.”


Sherry Peister (Ontario) – Week 4

“We NEED and WANT [every new graduate] to drive the profession forward.”


Erin MacKenzie (Prince Edward Island) – Week 5

“It is very rewarding to be able to have a say in the direction your profession takes!”


Deb Saltmarche (Ontario) – Week 6

“We need to look beyond our individual interests and pursue a focus on our commonalities and shared goals.”


Sari Westermarck (Finland) – Week 7

“I think that there is a new generation of female pharmacists that are more interested in taking more responsibility and being more actively involved.”


Amy Oliver, MBA, BScPh, RPh, PMP, CLC (Manitoba) – Week 8

“We need to see a very purposeful, collaborative, and sustainable effort at individual, organizational, and societal levels in order to hammer away at the walls and barriers experienced by so many women until that glass ceiling comes crashing down.”


Carla Beaton (Ontario) – Week 9

“I am so mesmerized by the women leaders I see in pharmacy today. Professionally it makes me very proud to be a pharmacist and personally it inspires me to continue to be better myself.”


Carmen Peña (Spain) – Week 10

“By the way, my first and best mentor was my mother.”


Catherine Duggan (Netherlands) – Week 11

“We need national policies and legislation to promote and empower women to apply, achieve and deliver in senior management positions, boards of directors and presidencies.”


Pawandeep Sidhu (Manitoba) – Week 12

“The experience, skills, and networks you gain from unexpected opportunities will only make you stronger, more capable, and confident to continue to move forward.”


Allison Bodnar (Nova Scotia) – Week 13

“You have to be patient – sustainable change does not happen overnight.”


Christine Poulin (Quebec) – Week 14

“I would also encourage women to expand their exposure and competencies in different function and/or areas of industry, especially those that tend to be male dominated.”


Nancy Lum-Wilson (Ontario) – Week 15

“I never had a specific goal for my future other than a very strong passion to make a difference. My only goal was to do my part to leave the world a little better than when I came into it.’

Margaret Wing (Alberta) – Week 16

“Be true to yourself. Do what you want to do because it is what you are passionate about.”


Sherif Guorgui is the CEO of United Pharma Group. United Pharma Group, founded in 2013, is a network of independent pharmacy owners across Canada.