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Are patients mistaking seasonal allergies for COVID-19? You can help.


A patient comes in complaining of a runny nose and sneezing. She’s worried she may be suffering from the COVID-19 virus.

Does she have seasonal allergies…or Covid?

In a recent interview with CTV, Dr. Jason K. Lee of the Toronto Allergy and Asthma Clinic, said: “In general, usually people with allergies have a long history with seasonality, if you’ve had this before you’ll have this reoccurring. There’s more nasal symptoms, runny nose, congestion, chains of sneezing [associated with allergies]…with COVID-19, as it’s an infection, fever and what we call constitutional symptoms of chills, muscle aches — those are more likely to point to COVID-19.”

Here’s a useful infographic with the most common symptoms of seasonal allergies, cold, flu – and COVID-19 – that you may want to share with your patients.



Cold vs COVID-19