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It’s all about the team at Kinburn Pharmasave


Susan Beresford works outside of the box. The pharmacist’s team has won national and provincial awards, including the CPhA Patient Care Achievement Award for Health Promotion 2016 and PANS Team of the Year 2015.


By Susan Beresford

Photo by Amanda Walker


Our success is based on our team – providing a diversity of interests and skills beyond the high standards of basic professional requirements. I tap into my team’s interests to promote specific professional services as well as engagement within our community. A community is something you can create based on interest, collaboration and engagement with the people and organizations that make up our local and digital area.

Communication is essential, both within the team as well as within our community. Team communication is enhanced by active listening, open doors and processes, including a communication log for operational items/technology, a log for patient and therapeutic issues, meetings on quality assurance as well as overarching team issues (quarterly).

Never forget the importance of sharing information every day to ensure the continued health of your team. Always have time to communicate with patients on a one to one basis, build their understanding of your professional services and of you as a valued member of their circle of care. Have personalized information on specific services ready to share, and an appointment book to take advantage of a positive interaction. Set up your team for success by assigning specific tasks to ensure the creation of opportunities and follow-up with patients – such as looking for a patient eligible for a service while you’re filling a prescription, ensuring the information on the service is included with the prescription, and ensuring a pharmacist engages the patient while dispensing the prescription.

A key tool we use is “Pharmacy Management in Canada,” which provides an understanding of the impact of fiscal parameters and team-building. Provincial, national, and corporate programs on a variety of subjects are also available – just order and do! PowerPoints, handouts, information from specific health condition organizations can provide the basis for a creative adventure waiting to showcase our professional services. We see health and education as being fun!

Susan Beresford BScPharm is an award-winning community pharmacist at Kinburn Pharmasave in Kinburn, N.S.