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Karl Frank of Bayshore Specialty Rx is the new vice chair of Neighbourhood Pharmacies



The Neighbourhood Pharmacy Association of Canada (Neighbourhood Pharmacies) is pleased to announce the appointment of Karl Frank, Divisional Director, Bayshore Specialty Rx, as the new Vice Chair of the Association.




“I am pleased to be named by the Board as the Vice Chair and to support the vision of Neighbourhood Pharmacies as we work towards enhancing the delivery of healthcare to Canadians through pharmacy. Our members and associates look to us to provide leadership in this time of transition to become more of an integral part of the communities we serve,” said Karl Frank.

Karl Frank has led the growth and development of Bayshore Specialty Rx and oversees the operations, including call centre and patient assistance services, wholesale and a national pharmacy network as well as the national infusion clinic network and nursing services. He is also responsible for payor relationships, business development and marketing. Prior to joining Bayshore, Karl was Vice President of Pharmacy Merchandising and Operations at Loblaw Companies Limited. He is a graduate of the University of Alberta’s pharmacy program.

Karl was appointed by the Board of Neighbourhood Pharmacies at its meeting on Friday, April 6, 2018. He joined the Board in 2017, and his term as Vice Chair will run for 1 year.

“On behalf of our Board of Directors and all our members and associates, I want to congratulate Karl on his appointment as Vice Chair,” said Justin J. Bates, Chief Executive Officer, Neighbourhood Pharmacies. “Through strong leadership from Karl and the rest of the Board, we will be in the position to demonstrate pharmacy as an economic growth driver and a key part of Canada’s healthcare system.”