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Pharmacy Leader profile: Olivier Bernard is the Pharmafist and Le Pharmachien



by Sophie Larouche


Communicating has always been one of Olivier Bernard’s passions.


Starting the “” (The Cheeky Pharmacist) blog to connect with some 50 people and liven up their evenings in the fall of 2012 was, for several weeks, an entertaining idea and a potentially enriching one.

Less than six months later, had exceeded everyone’s wildest expectations, prompting Olivier to leave the pharmaceutical industry and commit himself entirely and passionately to leading this project as far as possible on numerous platforms:, Facebook, Twitter, and two books. “I’m not the kind of person who enjoys taking risks and I’ve never written a business plan. I am, however, a passionate person who loves challenges.”

Olivier considers himself a full-fledged pharmacist at every step of the creative process and in all spheres of communication, whether online or in pharmacy. “I’ve never loved my work as much as I do now. I feel that I am applying all of my skills.”

Le Pharmachien provides Olivier with a far-reaching forum that he rightfully uses to promote the profession. His two main goals are to dispel myths and to help readers critically assess the drug industry’s marketing efforts, not only for patients, but also for pharmacists!

“People should really think about the products that pharmacies offer since they reflect our image and our credibility.” As an example, Olivier mentions the article on toxins at

Olivier is always pleased to receive comments from pharmacists and other health professionals. In fact, many use his website articles and books to tailor their approach and their communication style to their patients. The comic strip on cancer, produced in collaboration with two oncologists, Marc Émile Plourde and Vincent Éthier, is particularly valued as a way of explaining this illness and its treatments in simple terms. (A must read on

Olivier Bernard has a constant flow of ideas. He is a creative, self-assured scientist: “I want to continue communicating on my current platforms and participating in conferences. I also want to work on a television project.”