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Watch & Learn: How can you turn your employees into top performers?


When an employee’s performance is an issue, managers assume:

  • “They” are the problem
  • It is an attitudinal issue on the part of the employee
  • Reprimanding/reprisal or negative consequences are the best solution

By Hani Kafoury, M.A. Psychology

Effectively managing performance problems always starts with a good DIAGNOSIS!

The root causes of under-performance are:

  • Don’t know WHAT to do
  • Don’t know HOW to do it
  • CAN’T do it
  • WON’T do it

Each of these comes with its own set of diagnoses. You can’t apply a remedy until you have analyzed the type and cause of the problem.

Here are the steps you as a manager should take to diagnose and then treat the problem:

  • Describe the performance concern (specific behaviour)
  • Describe the DESIRED performance (specific behaviour)
  • Is it a WHAT, HOW, CAN’T, or WON’T issue?
  • Why?
  • Apply the CARE principle:

Concrete – be specific
Approach – describe approach
Results – explain impact
Expectations – what you want

Accurately diagnose the performance problem and use the CARE model, and you are guaranteed to have a more engaged, high-performing pharmacy team.

Hani Kafoury, M.A. Psychology, is the founder, senior transition consultant and coach at Tranzition Consulting Services.