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Meet CPhA’s 2016 Pharmacist of the Year

Dr. Nese Yuksel is Associate Professor in the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences who focuses on women’s health (e.g., menopause, hormonal contraception), osteoporosis, and pharmacy practice.


The 2016 Canadian Pharmacist of the Year is a dedicated educator, active researcher and valued clinician in the areas of women’s health and osteoporosis. Within each of her practice settings, Nesé Yuksel continues to make significant contributions to the profession of pharmacy and the lives of her patients and students.

Nesé is always searching for answers. A recognized expert in her field, Nesé is intent on bridging her clinical interests and practice-based research to develop innovative techniques to enhance the way pharmacists practise. “I feel fortunate that my clinical practice has stimulated research ideas and provided opportunities for collaboration with other women’s health researchers and clinicians,” she says. She has led and collaborated on a wide range of research projects, and is excited about her current study on decision-making in women who have had early surgical menopause.

Nesé is incredibly passionate about evolving the pharmacist’s role. One of the first 15 pharmacists in Alberta to receive Additional Prescribing Authority (APA) in 2007, Nesé has been a vocal advocate for expanded pharmacist practice and has contributed many hours to committees, publications, interviews and more in support of APA. She is now turning that passion into evidence and collaborating on research to support the uptake of pharmacist prescribing in Alberta.

Well known for her ability to translate complex scientific information for a lay audience, Nesé has delivered numerous presentations around the globe on a variety of women’s health issues and the role of the pharmacist. She is also an award-winning educator, passionate about creating an effective learning environment, and credits her students with keeping her engaged and excited about what she does.

Nesé holds a BSc (Pharm) Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy degree from the University of Alberta and a PharmD from the State University of New York. She is currently the Division Chair of Pharmacy Practice and a Professor at the University of Alberta and practises on an interdisciplinary team at the Lois Hole Hospital for Women’s menopause clinic.

What do you like most about what you do?
“Most of all, I love working with patients in the clinic. We have women who have suffered so much with symptoms that have really impacted their lives. It feels so rewarding to see these women empowered to make the best decisions for themselves. I really feel as a team we make a difference in their care.”