Pharmacy U

Mentoring the pharmacy leaders of tomorrow


“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”


– Benjamin Franklin

By Mike Boivin, BSc.Phm.

We profiled 14 pharmacy leaders who shared their unique stories and contributions to the profession of pharmacy. Each of these women had one or more people who mentored them and helped to shape their career. These pharmacy leaders want to give back to the profession by participating in a formal mentoring program.

Throughout the year will profile the mentored pharmacists – the mentees – to find out how mentoring is affecting their careers. You will learn about their successes, struggles and strategies to advance their careers. Through their impact on these pharmacists, our pharmacy leaders will continue to influence the profession now and long into the future.


Jen Baker

Jen Baker is a new graduate from the University of Toronto who is currently exploring the expanded scope of practice in both the community and hospital setting.  She loves animals, travel and finding ways to positively impact her patients’ healthcare experience.

Describe yourself in three words:

  •   Positive
  •   Communicative
  •   Helpful

Current Position: Pharmacist, Lovell Drugs/Lennox and Addington County General Hospital

University and Graduation: Toronto, 2013

Mentor: Rita Winn, Chief Operating Officer and General Manager at Lovell Drugs


Ellen Boyd

Ellen Boyd is a student leader at Dalhousie University’s College of Pharmacy and is their senior representative on the national Canadian Association of Pharmacy Students and Inters (CAPSI) council. She is an enthusiastic advocate of experiencing all aspects of pharmacy practice while maintaining a balanced lifestyle that   includes her other passions of health, sports, and travel. 

Describe yourself in three words:

  •   Achiever
  •   Enthusiastic
  •   Leader

Current Position: Pharmacy Student, Victoria General, Kennebecasis Drugs Ltd

University and Graduation: Dalhousie, 2015

Mentor: Jane Farnham, healthcare consultant


Theresa Gatien

Theresa Gatien considers herself fortunate to help patients every week through continued frontline patient care, while influencing and directing the future of the pharmacy profession in her leadership role within the company. She is determined to do what is right for the patient, the profession of pharmacy, and the business.

Describe yourself in three words:

  •   Candid
  •   Focused
  •   Sense of humour

Current Position: Director Pharmacy Services, Lawtons   Drugs

University and Graduation: Dalhousie, 1990

Mentor: Lisa Richardson, Vice President Pharmacy at Lawtons Drugs/Sobeys Pharmacy Group


Andrea Gut

Andrea Gut obtained a Master’s degree with First Class Honours in pharmacy, with a concentration in diabetes research. She is currently a Pharmacy Manager at Rexall Pharmacy.

Describe yourself in three words:

  •   Compassionate
  •   Devoted
  •   Ambitious

Current Position: Pharmacy Manager, Rexall Pharmacy

University and Graduation: Brighton (UK), 2008

Mentor: Iris Krawchenko, Consultant Pharmacist, Speaker and CE Writer


Suzanne Han

Suzanne Han is recognized as an effective communicator who embraces the expanding scope of her profession. She is currently responsible for the biologics aspect as pharmacy manager of London Drugs’ Brentwood.

Describe yourself in three words:

  •   Consistent
  •   Generous
  •   Sense of humour

Current Position: Pharmacy Manager, London Drugs

University and Graduation: British Columbia, 1996

Mentor: Shan Khoo, Manager, Pharmacy Managed Care at London Drugs


Roxy Khosroshahi

Roxy Khosroshahi has been involved in innovative pilot projects at Rexall to implement the expanded scope of practice and to improve customer experience. She is passionate about enhancing patient care and making a difference in the community.

Describe yourself in three words:

  •   Logical
  •   Compassionate
  •   Trustworthy

Current Position: Pharmacy Manager, Rexall Pharmacy

University and Graduation: Toronto, 2009

Mentor: Tracey Phillips, Vice President, Pharmacy, Katz Group Canada Ltd./Rexall Pharma Plus


Koon Leung

Koon Leung utilizes her industry, hospital and retail experience to create collaborative partnerships to enhance patient care. She is excited to see pharmacists take   a more active role on the healthcare team and believes that we can positively impact patient outcomes and healthcare sustainability. 

Describe yourself in three words:

  •   Achiever
  •   Adaptable
  •   Diplomatic

Current Position: Director, Brand Pharmaceutical   Partnerships

University and Graduation: Toronto, 1996

Mentor: Jeannette Wang, Senior Vice President of Professional Affairs and Services at Shoppers Drug Mart


Kimberly Masker

Kimberly Masker graduated from the University of Saskatchewan Pharmacy Program in 2008 and currently works for Safeway Pharmacy in Southern Alberta as a regional pharmacy manager and immunization trainer. In her spare time, she enjoys volunteering for animal rescue, reading, and running.

Describe yourself in three words:

  •   Achiever
  •   Warm
  •   Responsible

Current Position: Regional Pharmacy Manager, Canada Safeway Pharmacy

University and Graduation: Saskatchewan, 2008

Mentor: Angie Wierzbicki, Group Director of Pharmacy, Canada Safeway Limited


Alicia Matthews-Kent

Alicia Matthews-Kent is currently the Director of Pharmacy for Sobeys Ontario and has been   featured in Canadian Business Magazine as one of Canada’s 20 young women in power. She has been a pharmacist with the Sobeys organization for over nine years and has held various positions of increasing responsibility.

Describe yourself in three words:

  •   Achiever
  •   Positive
  •   Genuine

Current Position: Director of Pharmacy – Ontario, Sobeys Pharmacy

University and Graduation: Dalhousie, 2004

Mentor: Sandra Aylward, Vice-President, Professional and Regulatory Affairs at Sobeys Pharmacy Group


Jackie McKenna

After being awarded the top mark in the 2012 national pharmacy licensing exam, Jackie McKenna enjoys the challenge of integrating clinical and expanded scope services into her pharmacy practice. She was born and raised in New Haven, PEI and got married in August 2013 to her best friend, David McKenna. 

Describe yourself in three words:

  •   Devoted
  •   Responsible
  •   Pleasant

Current Position: Pharmacist, Windsor Pharmasave

University and Graduation: Dalhousie, 2012

Mentor: Rose Dipchand, Manager of Professional Affairs for Pharmasave   Atlantic


Angela Puim

Whether it is providing professional services to patients at their family-owned independent pharmacy or working on the team at the local family-health-team, Angela Puim loves being a pharmacist. She is passionate about the role of pharmacists in improving healthcare access and patient outcomes.

Describe yourself in three words:

  •   Leader
  •   Enthusiastic
  •   Compassionate

Current Position: Designated pharmacy manager, Preston  Medical Pharmacy and Clinical pharmacist, Two Rivers Family Health Team

University and Graduation: Waterloo, 2015

Mentor: Sherry Peister, Chair, Green Shield Canada


Nadine Winsor

Passionate about embracing and advocating the expanding scope of pharmacy practice, Nadine Winsor is a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) and injections certified pharmacist.  She is optimistic about the future of community pharmacy and strives to juggle the current need to fulfill dispensary roles while maintaining an increasing focus on patient-centred care.

Describe yourself in three words:

  •   Enthusiastic
  •   Sincere
  •   Helpful

Current Position: Pharmacist, Canada Safeway Pharmacy

University and Graduation: Memorial, 2005

Mentor: Stacy Johnson, Director of Pharmacy Professional Services at Canada Safeway Pharmacy


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