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Mild to moderate pain management in patients with cardiovascular disease


by Nardine Nakhla, PharmD


Non-prescription drug recommendations from pharmacists enable patients to make safe and informed decisions regarding their health and the proper use of self-care products.

It’s important to be able to make non-prescription product recommendations for your patients with cardiovascular concerns to optimize health outcomes, especially those with mild to moderate pain in this subset of patients. It’s also important to understand the other options available for patients who require prescription recommendations.

The attached roadmap offers a three-step process you can follow to help assess your patients’ pain management needs.

Mild to moderate pain management with cardiovascular disease


Dr. Nakhla is a community pharmacist and academic at the University of Waterloo with interest in minor ailments, self-care, and non-prescription medications. Since 2008, Dr. Nakhla has designed and delivered curricular content on the assessment of self-treating patients, common illnesses and self-medication using over-the-counter (OTC) medicines in both the lecture and practical laboratory setting.  She has spoken at provincial, national and international meetings on these subjects, and has written a chapter for the Canadian Minor Ailments reference.  In addition, Dr. Nakhla is a columnist for Pharmacy Practice+, blogging regularly about common and current issues related to OTC counselling.