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Think “pharmacy is changing”? You may be in for a rude shock: Pharmacy has changed. No more open-ended debates about “whether” pharmacy is changing, or “when” pharmacy is going to change – it’s a done deal.

So now it’s time to help pharmacy owners and operators recognize, understand and capitalize on the new business model that will define neighbourhood pharmacy for the next generation, and the time to turn the opportunities generated by healthcare closer to home into sustainable business. That takes planning and communicating with potential patients on their own terms, using their own language.

You’ll learn more about the challenges, the opportunities and what it will take to thrive at the New Pharmacy Expo, a new day dedicated to forward-looking business success planning, continuing education and professional development at “Game Changers,” at the Neighbourhood Pharmacies Annual Conference in Québec City, May 14, 2015.

Neighbourhood pharmacies are now the go-to healthcare hubs for a growing number of Canadians, and Canadians clearly like the combination of expanded scope of practice patient services and in-neighbourhood convenience.

Medication expertise in remains the core of the profession, but New Pharmacy applies that expertise in ways that bring pharmacists out from behind the dispensary wall to interact with their patients – sometimes literally hands-on – in more ways and more valuable ways that go way beyond pills and bottles. Patient responses to pharmacy flu shots, as just one example with which Canadians are familiar, are overwhelmingly positive and, according to recent Neighbourhood Pharmacies’ research, actually help control the spread of the disease by increasing the number of people vaccinated.

Be sure to share this program with your stores and with your customers.

The New Pharmacy Expo kicks off at breakfast with Lee Peterson of WD Partners on “The Next Killer App: Stores to Key Personnel.” The program also includes “Differentiating and Optimizing your Pharmacy,” with Mike Boivin, Pharmacist, “Pharmacy: A vision of a clinical business,” with Isabelle Tremblay, “Engage! / Générer l’engagement,” with Stéphane Simard and “Helping Teams to Exceed Expectations: Color of Communication,” with Michel Zarbatany-Hamel.

Over lunch, join Denise Carpenter, President & Chief Executive Officer, Neighbourhood Pharmacy Association of Canada and Jean Bourcier, Executive Vice-President and General Manager, AQPP for an informative and stimulating discussion on ‘government changes across the country and impact on the business of pharmacy’ – better known as “Is there light at the end of the tunnel?” Other sessions include: “How to Optimize your Time Management in a Technological World,” with Frédéric Simard, “Influenza Patient Survey Results,” with Jeff Mehltretter (Director, Research Neighbourhood Pharmacies) and “Third Party Payors,” with Peter Zawadzki.

Start the New Pharmacy Expo off in style, Wednesday evening, by joining us for “A Night in Old Québec,” Neighbourhood Pharmacies’ justly infamous social evening, where there’s entertainment and refreshments, and great opportunities to meet with your friends and colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere.

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Registration Information

To register for the New Pharmacy Expo, please email Lucy Montana, Manager, Events at and provide her with your contact information.

Registration fee is $250. This will allow you to attend the Social Night on Wednesday, May 13 and all sessions/events on Thursday, May 14