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CFP announces third 2016 innovation fund grant winner

Sara Guilcher

The Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy has announced the third recipient for this years’ annual Innovation Fund Grant: Dr. Sara Guilcher from the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Toronto.



Dr. Guilcher and her colleagues will receive $38,000 for their project, “Establishing and Evaluating the Feasibility of an Acute Care to Community Pharmacy Communication Link (ACC-Link): An Innovative Program to Improve Medication Management During Transition of Care.”

The ACC-Link program builds on existing best evidence about components of successful medication management interventions at transitions that impact patient and health system outcomes. Its novelty lies in the additional step of providing a meaningful communication link between hospital and community pharmacists to actively equip community pharmacists with the information needed to guide patients and families through medication changes at the time of hospital discharge.

“We are pleased to accept the funding of $38,000. We are grateful to the foundation for supporting this important work,” stated Dr. Guilcher in a news release. Other principal investigators on the team include Drs. Lisa McCarthy and Olavo Fernandes from the University of Toronto.

“Transitions in care have often resulted in miscommunication regarding what medications patients should be receiving. Dr. Guilcher and the research team offers potential solutions for improving communication between health care providers in different settings to improve medication management,” said CFP President and Grants Committee Member Dr. David Edwards.


The Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy’s Innovation Fund has become a leading source of funding in Canada for evidence-based research evaluating the value of new services offered by pharmacists. Through its Innovation Fund, the foundation currently supports projects and research that facilitate the evolving role of the pharmacist. Since 2004, CFP has invested more than $1 million to this cause. In 2016, CFP has provided over $110,000 in grants to Canadian practice research.