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NEWS: CFP awards Pillar of Pharmacy Award to Marshall Moleschi


The Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy (CFP) has named pharmacist Marshall Moleschi as the 2017 Pillar of Pharmacy Award recipient for his critical role in impacting positive changes to the profession of pharmacy.

“Marshall has been a catalyst for change within the profession in his leaderships roles in BC and Ontario—and all pharmacists across Canada are benefiting from Marshall’s contributions,” said CFP President Derek Desrosiers in a release. “There’s no doubt that his career was greatly enriched by what he has given back to the profession, yet he is humbled by being recognized with this very prestigious national pharmacy award.”

With a career spanning more than four decades Marshall has been instrumental in influencing change in every pharmacy role he has ever taken on. After earning his pharmacy degree from the University of British Columbia in 1974, Marshall began his career as a community pharmacist for Northern Drugs in Kitimat, B.C. Only two months later, his employer gave him an opportunity to open and manage an 8,000 sq-ft pharmacy in Prince Rupert, where he developed and implemented the pharmacy’s first ever medication profiles for patients.

In 1977, he went on to open the first Co-Op pharmacy in B.C. and eventually took on the pharmacy manager role at the local Shuswap Lake General Hospital. During a time when pharmacists stayed in the dispensary, Marshall challenged the status quo by routinely visiting wards to share his knowledge. Through perseverance and quiet determination, he became an agent for change, a role he would continue for the rest of his career.

Marshall has worked with the College of Pharmacists of B.C. to pioneer telepharmacy services, helping revolutionize care in remote communities. As registrar of both the B.C. and Ontario colleges of pharmacy, he has expedited the expansion of pharmacist services and motivated pharmacists and technicians to practise to their full scope. Marshall has been president of numerous organizations, including the BC Pharmacy Association, Regulated Health Professionals of Ontario, and CFP.

Selected for this award by CFP Board members, Marshall joins a group of distinguished past winners, all of whom have had an impact in the progression of pharmacy in Canada. He will be formally recognized at an upcoming gala dinner scheduled for this fall.