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Loblaw Companies Ltd. / Shoppers Drug Mart rejoins Neighbourhood Pharmacy Association of Canada

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Loblaw Companies Ltd. / Shoppers Drug Mart has made the decision to rejoin the Neighbourhood Pharmacy Association of Canada under its new leadership, and in time to participate in this year’s Executive Summit.

With more than 1,700 corporate, franchised and associate-owner pharmacies in communities across the country, Loblaw Companies Ltd. and Shoppers Drug Mart are dedicated to advancing the health and wellness of Canadians.

“We are pleased to welcome back Loblaw Companies Ltd. / Shoppers Drug Mart as a member of Neighbourhood Pharmacies. This strengthens the association’s platform by demonstrating our commitment to work with all stakeholders to advance patient care access and opportunities for a sustainable healthcare system” said Vivek Sood, Chair, Neighbourhood Pharmacy Association of Canada and General Manager, Sobeys National Pharmacy Group, in a news release.

“Loblaw Companies Ltd. / Shoppers Drug Mart rejoining Neighbourhood Pharmacies is an important recognition of the benefits of Association membership, our strategic plan and the work underway to innovate the pharmacy reimbursement model with emphasis on patient health outcomes” said Justin Bates, Chief Executive Officer of Neighbourhood Pharmacies.

“The association is focused on building success with a strong and diverse membership base, industry collaboration, and the development of evidence-based public policy solutions for all levels of governments, the private insurance sector, and Canadian patients, who rely on the highest quality care in our neighbourhood pharmacies,” Bates said.

“We are committed to supporting our pharmacists in providing the best possible care for their patients. A vital component of this commitment is working with, and helping to bring together, pharmacy stakeholders that are focused on the same objectives,” said Jeff Leger, Executive Vice President, Pharmacy and Healthcare at Shoppers Drug Mart.

“Our industry is steadily and successfully expanding our focus beyond just providing prescription medications to providing Canadians with comprehensive patient-centered pharmacy services that help improve health and wellbeing. With an ongoing requirement to address both professional and business issues there is a need for aligned support for all the Canadian pharmacy associations to advocate on behalf of our sector,” said Leger.

The value proposition for Neighbourhood Pharmacies has never been clearer in bringing transparency and a focus on collaboration, with all stakeholders, on issues management and advocacy initiatives that are relevant to both the business and profession of pharmacy.  Neighbourhood Pharmacies wants to ensure the highest quality of professional patient care is delivered in ways that will ensure the sustainability of the business of pharmacy for decades to come.

We are witnessing that we are stronger together when we present solutions and new directions to the challenges facing the healthcare system – but we can only be successful if we stand together. Now is the time to reach out and engage with the Association in new ways to ensure your future success.