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News: Pharmacy workplace issues to be explored in multi-province study


The Neighbourhood Pharmacy Association of Canada (Neighbourhood Pharmacies) and the British Columbia Pharmacy Association (BCPhA) are jointly supporting a comprehensive study to examine the pharmacy workplace environment across several provinces.


According to a news release, the study, to be conducted by the EY National Health Care Team, aims to bring greater clarity around such factors as employment standards, training, prescription volume trends, with input from experienced pharmacists and other employees, and the expectations of new pharmacists just entering practice.  By engaging with pharmacists, pharmacy managers and owners, and regulators across the country, a better understanding of the workplace needs of pharmacists will be achieved.


Targeted interviews, focus group workshops, along with desktop research will be performed over the next several months to help provide an accurate and up-to-date perspective on the pharmacy workplace environment.


Remarking on the study, Justin Bates, the CEO of Neighbourhood Pharmacies said in a release: “The pharmacy workplace has a higher profile and has attracted more interest across the broader pharmacy community in Canada. It is essential that we work from a common base of knowledge that reflects the contribution of a range of pharmacy stakeholders.  Our members want to play a central and proactive role, and we are very pleased to be working in partnership with BCPhA on this initiative.”


It is understood that pharmacy regulatory bodies in all provinces will be interviewed, with pharmacy managers and owners providing their perspectives.   Also, pharmacists from at least three provinces will participate in focus groups.  Such issues as human resource policies and implementation, governance and regulations, and the direct experience of working pharmacists will be evaluated as part of the work.


“The BCPhA represents both pharmacists and pharmacy owners and we want to ensure that the pharmacy workplace is examined as comprehensively as possible,” said Geraldine Vance, CEO of the BCPhA. “There is a shared commitment to ensuring that pharmacists practice to the highest standards and consistently meet their patients’ healthcare needs.”


The EY-led study is anticipated to get underway in April 2017, with results expected within a few months.