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NEWS RELEASE: Neighbourhood Pharmacies – a new direction forward for the pharmacy industry




Neighbourhood Pharmacy Association of Canada (Neighbourhood Pharmacies) has a renewed sense of energy and optimism in its role as a national pharmacy trade association, and is committed to delivering and communicating the value of the products and services it provides to the Canadian public, all levels of governments, and the private insurance sector. 


Building on the momentum created at the Neighbourhood Pharmacy EXPO in Toronto from June 14-16, Neighbourhood Pharmacies has never been stronger or more united in its mandate to serve its retail pharmacy members, associates, and ultimately Canadian patients from coast to coast.


And at this pivotal time, Vivek Sood, board chair of Neighbourhood Pharmacies and general manager of Sobeys National Pharmacy Group, pointed out, “The value proposition for Neighbourhood Pharmacies has never been clearer in bringing together the industry in order to help pharmacy find common ground and develop fact-based public policy solutions.”


“This is an exciting and important time for Neighbourhood Pharmacies as we usher in a new era of transparency, member engagement, industry collaboration, and deliver on important but focused advocacy outcomes,” said Justin Bates, chief executive officer of Neighbourhood Pharmacies.


That transparency and focus on collaboration will be a central theme of the association in its ongoing relationships with the national and provincial pharmacy advocacy associations, governments, private insurance payers and all other organizations, on issues resolution and advocacy initiatives that are relevant to both the business and profession of pharmacy.


It will be vital to build on an increasing degree of cohesion and unity of message if pharmacy’s voice is to be influential with decision-makers. At the same time, it will be the development of evidence-based solutions that enhance the credibility and influence of the association. This point was driven home by Bates, who remarked that “influence is achieved by building relationships and earning the trust, confidence, and respect of stakeholders.”


In the current Canadian healthcare environment, pharmacy spending accounts for some $30 billion in expenditures, and governments are united in the need to better manage those costs. So as the scrutiny of pharmacy practice and business increases, Neighbourhood Pharmacies is enhancing its capabilities in order to ensure that pharmacy’s voice is heard.


In the end, the value of Neighbourhood Pharmacies will be measured in what, together, its members will provide to our communities, patients and Canadian society as a whole.


As Neighbourhood Pharmacies moves forward, it looks forward to working in close partnership and collaboration with all Canadians, whether as individuals or organizations, to ensure the highest quality of professional patient care delivered in ways that will ensure the sustainability of the business of pharmacy for decades to come. This is timely and reinforced by a number of issues facing the pharmacy industry coast to coast, and the “new normal” became central to our daily discussions.


We are witnessing that we are stronger together when we present solutions and new directions to the challenges facing the healthcare system – but we can only be successful if we stand together. Now is the time to reach out and engage with the association in new ways to ensure your future success.


With this, be sure to join us at the Executive Summit this October in Toronto where the discussion will continue on the role Pharmacy can and will be playing in the future of Healthcare in Canada.


We are in the process of planning our 2017 EXPO, the industry’s business-building event of the year, bringing together retailers, distributors, manufacturers and pharmacy leaders to develop strategies and directions for the future of Canadian pharmacy. If your organization or industry association is interested in collaborating for the 2017 EXPO, please contact us at