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Pharmacy Leader of the week: Margaret Wing – “You will be a pharmacist the rest of your life.”

Margaret Wing



Directors Education Program (ICD.D) – Institute of Corporate Directors, Rotman School of Management – 2019

Master of Business Administration (MBA) – Athabasca University (AB) – 2007

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (BSc Pharm) – University of Alberta (AB) – 1985


-Current role

Chief Executive Officer, Alberta Pharmacists’ Association



-What advice would you give to new female pharmacy graduates?

You will be a pharmacist the rest of your life. That is a long time. So be honest with yourself.  Be true to yourself. Do what you want to do because it is what you are passionate about. This makes going to work every day fun, well it may not always be fun, but it makes going to work easy and in turn rewarding.


-Looking at your career, what are you the proudest of? What have been some of the highlights of your career?

I am most proud of having provided leadership that has not only transformed RxA, but has significantly advanced the profession of pharmacy in Alberta. I have had the privilege of successfully leading negotiations that resulted in compensation for pharmacy services in 2012, ultimately introducing a new and radically different care model for Alberta pharmacists that is aligned with our enhanced scope of practice privileges. Most recently this model has supported pharmacists in providing care to Albertans during the COVID pandemic.


-Was there an “aha” moment for you, when you realized the impact of the difference you’re making?

I was invited to a U of A Pharmacy Graduation Banquet about 6 years ago.  Some of the graduates preformed a fun song to the tune of “YMCA,” but replaced the letters with “CACPs.” That was such a powerful moment for me because I realised that none of the graduates going forward would ever practise in the outdated dispensing model that existed when I graduated.

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