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Pharmacy U Toronto – Step up your pharmacy’s business evolution!

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The evolution of a new business model, medication synchronization and the growth in skincare and seniors’ well-being all are part of the new realities of community pharmacy that will be highlighted at the sixth annual Pharmacy U 2017 conference in Toronto on February 4.


by Talbot Boggs

Photography by Brandon Gray


Building on the success of previous conferences, the Feb. 4, 2017 Pharmacy U Toronto once again will feature presentations, workshops and panel discussions by industry-leading experts – many of them new this year – on a diverse range of clinical and business topics as well as popular networking sessions where attendees can meet fellow professionals and discuss common issues and practices.

Here are some highlights:

Community pharmacies in Canada today are evolving rapidly to a new sustainable business model focused on improving medication adherence, patient outcomes and the level of professional satisfaction for pharmacists and their staff. This year’s keynote presentation will be attractive to pharmacy owners, managers and staff interested in learning how to create a win-win-win, appointment-based community pharmacy.

Patient drug non-adherence is one of the most pressing financial and health issues facing pharmacy today, resulting in an overall loss of billions of dollars in revenues each year and seriously undermining the level of patient care. Synchronizing the medications of patients with multiple chronic conditions not only can help improve adherence and health outcomes but provide additional benefits such as shifting the focus of staff from merely filling prescriptions to working proactively with patients to creating a more predictable workload in the pharmacy.

An aging population poses great opportunities for community pharmacies to become a trusted health source for the burgeoning number of seniors in the country. This opportunity extends beyond mere medication management to building a network of resources such as physiotherapists, audiologists and home healthcare providers and suppliers. Learning how to make your pharmacy an ideal choice for seniors and caregivers through effective design and communication of your products and service offerings will help to create loyalty, improve patient outcomes and drive sales to this growing demographic.

Pharmacists across the country have identified skin care as a new priority. Pharmacy U has responded by offering the first information seminar on developing and implementing a patient skin care program. This session will identify patients’ common skin appearance concerns, cosmeceutical and cosmetic skincare options, OTC dermatological therapies and ways to integrate the cosmetician and/or beauty consultant into your practice to create a value-added service for patients.

This year’s Pharmacy U also will feature informative presentations and workshops on a number of other business and professional subjects such as how to build a patient-centred pharmacy; probiotic therapy options to improve patient outcomes and grow your business; how to effectively engage physicians and sell your services; preparing for and achieving personal and organization change; the pharmacists’ role in sleep and drug therapy; creating a smoking cessation program with new nicotine replacement therapy options; and how to manage patients’ mild to moderate pain.

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the legal aspects of having a well-designed corporate structure for success, the benefits of succession planning, successful real estate strategies, and the benefits of a family trust for pharmacy owners. Building on workshops in previous years, pharmacists will also be introduced to the functioning of capital markets, what to look for when evaluating risk-adjusted returns and market indexes, the important aspects of common and preferred shares, and the roles of various investment professionals and active versus passive investing.

As in past years the lunchtime discussion featuring leading figures from pharmacy will highlight the most important issues today and the challenges pharmacists face as the industry continues to evolve.

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