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Pharmasave supports “What’s your number?” hypertension campaign


In support of Hypertension Canada’s “What’s Your Number?” campaign in May, Pharmasave locations across Canada are providing patient education and opportunities for blood pressure screening in their communities.

“Hypertension often goes unrecognized and untreated because there are no symptoms”, said Allison Nourse, Pharmasave’s National Director, Pharmacy Innovation, in a news release. “World hypertension day is a great way to help raise awareness and start the conversation about ways to prevent or control high blood pressure through healthier choices and medication management when necessary.”

High blood pressure, also called hypertension, affects an estimated 7.5 million Canadians and is the leading cause of death and disability around the world. Pharmacists are among Canada’s most accessible health professionals and can positively affect outcomes associated with heart disease and stroke by proactively identifying their customers’ needs and encouraging healthy behaviour.

Many studies have shown that pharmacists provide a real and significant benefit to patient health and increased collaboration with other healthcare professionals through screening, education and hypertension management. Pharmasave pharmacists are promoting their customers’ heart health by:
 Creating community awareness about heart disease and stroke
 Providing patient care services such as encouraging lifestyle modifications and self-management
 Helping people take their medication correctly and manage their medication effectively with the fewest side
 Educating and advising about simple steps to keep blood pressure under control
 Teaching people how to use blood pressure monitoring devices properly to take accurate readings at home