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Private Drug Plans: Threats and Opportunities



According to the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA), private drug plans provide payment for about 55% of the prescriptions that are dispensed in pharmacies across Canada.1  From this perspective, they are a very important client of Canadian pharmacy.  Traditionally, we have not focused on building collaborative relationships with private payers of drug plans.  However, in today’s economy and environment of expanded pharmacy scope, we need to appreciate the threats associated with retaining the status quo and examine the opportunities associated with mutually beneficial approaches to patient care that include pharmacist expanded scope of practice.  

This continuing education lesson will help pharmacists better understand private payer initiatives that may affect the bottom line and how to influence decision making in a way that can be viewed as win-win-win for the patient, the private drug plan, and the pharmacy.  Module one in this series provides the pharmacist with the background on private payers to help them understand the players involved and their associated roles.

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    PHU Private Drug Plans Threats and Opportunities