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David Ferguson, 54, jokingly tells people he’s been practising pharmacy for almost 55 years. He grew up in the business his father, Donald J. Ferguson, purchased in 1960 in Glace Bay, NS. Today, Ferguson’s PharmaChoice is a 1,500-sq-ft pharmacy which opened in a medical clinic in 1998. Donald, nearing 82, continues to work at the store.


By David Ferguson


I’ve attended two Pharmacy U conferences in Toronto. My initial registration for the first conference was to plan a retirement strategy. However, after attending sessions ranging from preparing to sell your store, retail valuations, making your dispensary more efficient and new reimbursement services, I returned home with a renewed vigour to practise pharmacy. My second conference reaffirmed my commitment to continue to carry on.


From those conference sessions, we’ve added new services. After practising with very little overlap, I hired a fresh graduate who could immediately add flu shots and injections to our pharmacy’s offerings. I then took my first aid, CPR and Nova Scotia injection course. The enthusiasm of young and old pharmacists at the Pharmacy U conference helped me move into this new area easily.


A new nursing graduate may soon be added to our pharmacy team. This will enable us to offer a wider range of in-house health services, including blood pressure clinics, diabetic clinics, health education days and foot care clinics.


We are discussing implementation of expanded scope of practice available here in Nova Scotia, such as prescribing for minor ailments and the standards of practice for prescribing by pharmacists. We gained so much by attending Pharmacy U conferences that my plan is to take my new pharmacist and one of my pharmacy assistants to next year’s conference. It gives us a fresh perspective of what is happening in pharmacy across Canada and helps us reshape how we provide healthcare to our clients.