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The 5 best strategies to optimize your medication reviews


An effective medication review means listening to our patients first. What are their concerns?  If they are not taking their medications as prescribed because they don’t believe in them, are afraid of them, can’t remember, can’t swallow, can’t afford to buy them, don’t understand the reason and importance for use, then we must address these issues first. 

By Iris Krawchenko R.Ph., BSc. Phm.

Here are 5 key tips when you offer medication review services:

# 1 Demonstrate the value to patients

Medication reviews work for all patients, regardless of whether they are taking 3 or 12 Rxs. The best med reviews teach patients awareness of indication, adherence and side effects.

# 2 Have ready answers to patients’ questions

Patients may say, “No thanks, I made my own list for my wallet.” “My doctor knows what I’m taking, this appointment isn’t necessary,” or “No thanks, I had an appointment last year and nothing has really changed.” Have your answers ready!

# 3 Focus on the leading health topics

As the population ages, more and more patients will need information and guidance to deal with conditions like diabetes. Others will need counselling in smoking cessation, weight control, osteoporosis, and healthy diet. Med reviews help make you a go-to resource.

#4 Make medication reviews top of mind for patients

Be prepared and professional when conducting the medication review.

Use a standardized team approach to identify and invite individuals to participate in a medication review.

#5 Team, team, team

The best med reviews are the result of teamwork, coordination of schedules, and buy-in from everyone in your pharmacy operation.

By making the most of your medication review services, you and your team will be empowered to ramp up your medication review service offering.

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