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The Ontario Pharmacists Association introduces its new Staff Pharmacist Caucus


The Ontario Pharmacists Association (OPA) is looking for staff pharmacists who are interested in helping to guide the future of pharmacy practice to participate in its newly-launched Staff Pharmacists Caucus.


The caucus will be open to all OPA members who are working in non-management roles in a community practice. The group will meet quarterly and will be tasked with providing insight and advice to the staff pharmacist members on OPA’s Board of Directors around topics of importance to staff pharmacists, including: best practices, advances in patient care, patient counselling, managing expanded scope services, and more.

“We are extremely excited about the opportunity to work more closely with our staff pharmacist members,” said Sean Simpson, Chair of the Board for OPA. “We have heard from many pharmacists – both members and non-members – over the past number of years who have asked us to help give a bigger voice to staff pharmacists in Ontario.

The Staff Pharmacist Caucus is the next step toward making those voices heard by OPA and by other pharmacy stakeholders.” The Staff Pharmacist Caucus will be Chaired by three of the non-owner members of OPA’s Board of Directors: Jen Baker (District K), Allan Braido (District P), and Stacey D’Angelo (District N). In addition to bringing their own insights to the caucus, the three co-chairs will report back to the Board on the activities and recommendation of the group.

“I encourage any OPA members who are interested in joining the caucus, or who just want to learn more, to attend the first meeting in March,” said Simpson, who adds that there is no cost to join the caucus. “We aren’t limiting the number of caucus members because we want to make sure that we’re getting as many perspectives as possible. The goal is to engage staff pharmacists in a lively, productive discussion about what’s happening in the profession, and how OPA can support all pharmacists while continuing to advocate for the expansion of pharmacy practice.”

The first Staff Pharmacists Caucus meeting will take place this March.