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The top 8 ingredients of high-adherence pharmacies


Care is greater than and equals Commerce. Always.

They must always be aligned and never in conflict. So if patient care and business interests are so perfectly aligned, where is the financial gain from Rx adherence…the so-called secret sauce?

By Jim Danahy, CEO CustomerLab and partner in AdhereRx

Recipes and methods vary, but the active ingredients are similar in many high-adherence pharmacies (and all are patient-focused).

Start with your top 500 patients (greatest need, highest value), then ramp up to the top 1,000 to measure adherence.

Benchmark initial adherence levels by therapeutic area & total dispensary, with patients ranked by need and dollar value.

Drill down to follow patient refill behaviour & gaps, and track progress at 6 and 12 months.

Reverse the flow. Counsel patients at Rx drop-off instead of after pickup. Don’t forget to adjust workflow policies and procedures at your pharmacy to accommodate the changes. Catch omissions and implement adaptations before dispensing.

The financial impact of Rx adherence improvement will surprise you. On total sales of $4 million and Rx sales of $3.4 million, each 1% of adherence improvement = $51,000!

Top 8 active ingredients of high-adherence pharmacies

  •  Owner makes Rx adherence the top priority
  •  Med review is a contract with each patient
  •  Pharmacist reverses the flow, counsels at Rx drop-off (not after pickup)
  •  Pharmacist measures results
  •  Follows up and communicates
  •  Trains, empowers, rewards staff
  • Uses packaging & technology for efficacy & efficiency
  •  Aligns OTCs & services with patients’ Rxs

Jim Danahy is CEO of retail consultancy CustomerLAB and a partner in pharmacy specialty firm AdhereRx Inc.