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Top 10 reasons to come out to Neighbourhood Pharmacies’ 2016 Expo


Neighbourhood Pharmacies’ new, business-focused 2016 EXPO promises to be a source of innovative ideas, products and services to help build business success in the six segments expected to drive pharmacy growth in the coming years: Front Store & Consumer Health, Home Healthcare, Global Pharmacy, Technology, Health & Beauty, and Pharmacy Innovation.


#1. The Power of Six
Recognizing and profiting from the six major segments driving industry growth: Pharmacy & Prescription care; Specialty & Long-Term care; Consumer Health; Home Healthcare; Front Store; Home & Beauty

#2. This is your industry, your show
Mark your calendar now, because Pharmacy Expo 2016 is where it’s happening, the event you don’t dare miss, the event everyone will be talking about, before, during and after

#3. Say “hello” to opportunity
And say “yes” to new customers, new sales and new business in 2016 and for years to come

#4. Brings the whole industry together in one place
We’re pulling together the whole Canadian pharmacy industry in a great new venue with room to showcase everything the business has to offer. Where else can you get the big picture in one shot?

#5. See and be seen
You never know who you’ll meet or who’s meeting with whom. At Pharmacy 2016 you’ll be part of the scene, one of the cool kids everyone’s talking about

#6. Be first to know
Pharmacy Expo 2016 will see the debuts and Canadian launches of new products, new technologies and new ideas you can use to build your business

#7. New everything. And that’s just the beginning
New concept, new attendees, new exhibitors, new buzz, new programming, new formats, new presenters and a whole new vibe to creating a great pharmacy experience for your target audiences

#8. Focused on business
We’re business first, business always, starting with the basics and three new workshops on Specialty Pharmacy, Pharmacy Management and Long-term Care Pharmacy.

#9. Not just information, not just facts, but intelligence you can use to build your business
Pharmacy 2016 is all about ‘making it real,’ so the whole event is geared to your daily challenges to bring in patients and customers, anticipating and then surpassing their expectations

#10. A great city after-hours
Superb world-class shopping, dining, clubbing, dancing, shows, sporting events, performing arts and much more – all waiting to be discovered by you


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