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Watch & Learn: improve your productivity through workflow and design

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There are many challenges and concomitant opportunities for pharmacists today ‐ forcing a change from product distribution to patient care and disease management.

By Wayne Caverly, president of the Caverly Consulting Group

Your clientele and your pharmacy are aging, and that will impact the design of your pharmacy. The professional of pharmacy is changing, and that will impact the design of your pharmacy.

Improving dispensary operations through automation, redesign and more efficient use of clerical and professional staff can help free valuable pharmacist time and enhance patient‐pharmacist interaction.

There are many new ideas in the approach to community pharmacy design as well as new concepts in pharmacy fixtures and millwork that allow community pharmacies to cost‐effectively maintain an appropriate dispensary design in changing and challenging times.

Here are the top 3 tips to improve your productivity through workflow and design:

#1. Consider lighting levels and ergonomics. Just how far are we asking customers to reach and bend?

#2. Use high density shelving systems and flexible furniture. A more flexible approach takes into account the changing needs of the pharmacy environment.

#3. Consider changing the layout of your pharmacy. Form follows function, and so too must the layout of your pharmacy and the internal layout of the cabinets themselves.

No one layout will be right for all pharmacies, but a good pharmacy designer can help find the one that works best for your particular store. That way you can develop a plan to modify the environment to achieve higher production rates, lower error rates and execute more cost‐effective renovations.