Pharmacy U

Using Sales and Marketing Skills to Grow Your Practice



In the traditional pharmacy model, a patient would present with a prescription for a medication; it would be filled; and the patient would be counselled on the proper use of the medication. There was a basic patient expectation and understanding of the service the pharmacist was providing. Prescription going in, and a medication in a bottle going out. It was very product-focussed, and many patients link all aspects of a pharmacist’s services to putting pills in the bottle.

With the change in the pharmacy funding model, there is now an increased emphasis on new pharmacy services. These services require pharmacists to interact directly with the patient on a much more  personalized level. With expanded services, many times there is no exchange of any tangible products. Pharmacists in this model are paid for the service they provide to the patient. With the lack of a product being provided at the end of the service, the patient’s perception of the overall experience will determine whether it was successful. There is also a lack of patient knowledge regarding the services pharmacists provide.  Pharmacists must actively promote these services and not only describe what they are, but also explain how the patient will benefit from them.

These modules are designed to provide pharmacists with the basic marketing and sales skills they need to effectively grow the various aspects of their overall business. Unlike many other skills, improving pharmacists’ ability to sell can improve every aspect of their business, including the care they provide their patients.

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