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Pharmacy U speaker Rachelle Rocha cooks up a unique pharmacy-food concept


Rachelle Rocha will be a featured speaker at the upcoming PharmacyU 2021!


by Staff


Rachelle Rocha is not your average healthcare professional. The pharmacist from Whitefish, Ont. believes “health is strongly influenced by the food and lifestyle choices we make. I am interested in work that provides solutions in health and wellness, at both an individual and policy level.”


Her background also straddles the line between pharmacy services and grocery, where she has spent much of her working life.


Rachelle’s latest venture is a unique pharmacy+kitchen+good food market called Seasons Pharmacy + Culinaria, reflecting her interest in bringing together food and medicine to promote wellness. Set to open in early October, the new space in Sudbury, Ont. features a traditional pharmacy, commercial kitchen and grocery with farm-fresh products. Rachelle will be promoting farm-to-table and nose-to-tail products to her customers as well as a return to paper packaging as much as possible. The entire space will reflect her approach to recognizing the twin pillars of food and health in promoting wellness.


When Seasons Pharmacy + Culinaria officially opens its doors, it will be part of the Whole Health Pharmacy Partners family. “In almost 35 years in the pharmacy profession, I have never quite seen a pharmacy like Seasons! says Dean Miller, Whole Health’s President & CEO. “Here are more great innovative pharmacy ideas from independent owners. The link between proper nutrition and chronic disease only makes sense, and what better place to get that advice than from a pharmacy and from a pharmacist? This is just what we like at Whole Health!”


Meet featured speaker Rachelle Rocha at the upcoming PharmacyU conference!