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Welcome to Lisgar Woods Pharmacy

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Two years ago we opened Lisgar Woods Pharmacy in Mississauga, Ontario. Since then the independent pharmacy, attached to a small medical clinic, has become an established – and trusted – part of the community, and we have made a name for ourselves.

By Sameh Malak BScPhm, R.Ph.

We offer everything from custom medication packaging to specialty compounding to certified compression stocking specialists to home healthcare. We’re very pharmacy focused. We concentrate on the health needs of our patients.

Meeting those needs requires a business partner that is both attentive and responsive. We have found what we need in Apotex. Here’s how Apotex is helping us to run a better pharmacy by anticipating future changes but meeting my needs today:

  • Our partner understands the needs of the independent pharmacy, provides reliable service, and thinks outside the ordinary.
  • Apotex helps us meet the daily needs of our business. A great business partner helps you exceed expectations – yours and those of your customers.
  • Apotex has helped enhance my business. We know there will be a regular supply of generics – what we need when we need them.
  • Apotex continues to introduce new generics to meet market needs.

We rely on Apotex to run a profitable practice

Apotex is our main supplier. Even when our volume was very low, the company was very supportive of us. They were interested in helping us grow and growing with us.

  • The company, especially our account rep, is very helpful – and not just with issues about generics drugs.
  • We’re more than an account; we’re real people with real patients.
  • We’re never brushed aside or rushed along.
  • Apotex understands our business from the specifics to the high-level issues.