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Wellcare College Pharmacy and the GenMed difference

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In 2012, Lesley Neves-Azevedo and five colleagues, also pharmacists, purchased a pharmacy in downtown Toronto, and Wellcare College Pharmacy was born.

By donalee Moulton

As co-owner and manager, Neves-Azevedo provides services as a pharmacist and keeps a close eye on the frontshop. “It is a steep learning curve trying to integrate these two elements of the business,” she says.

Professional development and other support from GenMed, a division of Pfizer Canada, helped Wellcare College Pharmacy to gain greater insight into opportunities presented by the changing pharmacy environment and to identify best practices. The company also helped her provide enhanced services to patients, services the pharmacy might otherwise not have been able to offer.

Here’s how:

Shared experiences and expertise – RxMBA

– This unique initiative offers pharmacists an opportunity to speak with colleagues and get firsthand information from an expert pharmacy consultant. It also includes one-on-one consultation specific to the needs of individual pharmacists.

– RxMBA also brings pharmacists together with experts in the field of business, marketing, sales, and more.

A pharmacy consultant spent half a day at Wellcare College Pharmacy looking at work flow, patient flow, and areas for improvement. As well, the consultant reviewed the preliminary renovation plans and provided helpful suggestions.

Health days

– Wellcare College Pharmacy hosted its first Health Days event with GenMed. Here’s how Health Days work: a nurse provided courtesy of GenMed spends the day at the pharmacy and provides individual consultations on a topic such as diabetes, cardiovascular care, or nutrition.

Important research

– GenMed developed a short Powerpoint program called Positioning Pharmacy for the Future, which explores how pharmacists and staff can adapt to the evolving environment. Often used as part of an in-house lunch’n’learn for pharmacy staff, the slide show highlights how every member of the staff has an important role to play in the success of the pharmacy and the level of patient care.